24th January


Youth and community centre planned in North Emsworth


YMCA Emsworth is a potential new nursery, youth and community centre for Northern Emsworth. Located within Redlands Grange, the building would occupy designated community land and provide a hub for local activity and a place where people of all ages can come together and belong. Offering youth facilities, a childcare nursery and community programmes, the building will provide vital services to the area and foster community life.

YMCA is working in partnership with HBC, ECLT and a number of local community and Church groups on this project.

If you have small children who need nursery care or youngsters who want to find places to meet and get-together you can have a good look on what is planned – the site, building, outdoor play area and other details. The location is at the north end of New Brighton Road using an open space earmarked for community usage during the building of Redlands Grange housing.

A feasibility study is now underway to consider the design, community views and funding for the centre.  The feasibility study will help to determine building design and gather views and feedback as well as understand the funding options. Depending upon the outcome of these aspects, a decision will be made by Easter 2021 regarding whether to proceed with the centre.  If a positive decision were to be taken, the next step would be to secure planning permission, appoint contractors and commence construction.  The earliest date a centre would be available would be Spring 2023.

View the initial Plans
Site Plan Floor Plan Elevations

To have your say, please complete the short online survey or alternatively, post your hard copy questionnaire into the collection box at Co-op on Southleigh Road. Complete before 1st March 2021 to be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win £30 gift vouchers to spend at the Co-op!

YMCA 23rd January




23rd January


 Remember the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan first finalised in 2019 for a public vote?

After years of preparation based on deep and careful research, the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan was drawn up by Emsworth Forum at various meetings held to keep local people informed. This was a long and difficult process but those who devoted so much time and effort to the publication had expected a final vote on it shortly. A copy of the document can be read here:

This Neighbourhood Plan was due to be voted on in a final Referendum held at the same time as the election of local councillors firstly in in 2020, then delayed by a year to be voted on in the coming months in 2021. With the Covid situation the May election 2021 is now likely to be delayed further and consequently the Emsworth Local Plan will not be up for a vote either at that time. This is an on-going concern particularly for those who had worked tirelessly to get the Neighbourhood Plan finalised. The Government has issued guidance to local councils that allow Neighbourhood Plans affected by the postponement to be given ‘significant weight’ in decision making ahead of the referendum taking place.

The Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan gives significant guidance and advice to those engaged in planning applications about what is, and is not, likely to be acceptable to Havant Borough Council planners. Despite countless surveys and interviews completed to get the Plan document finalised, it is currently another problem due to the Covid crisis. Let’s hope it survives this setback and celebrates life support before too long.

Emsworth CLT 21st  January




23rd January


Covid jabs in Emsworth

A large team of NHS staff and at least 30 volunteers helped more than 600 people a day, aged 70+, to receive their first jab in Emsworth. The spacious Baptist Church is the venue.   More than 5,000 local people had received jabs by mid-January.

The Oxford vaccine has just arrived so delivery of jabs will now go up to 1,200 a day receiving injections. The centre is currently open for three days a week. Once supplies of vaccine are regular, there will be an on-going delivery of the programme to those who are contacted (by email or phone) by their surgery to alert them to their appointment.

Attending for an injection is well managed.  On arrival, after giving in name etc, patients are indoors and l called to the main door to enter the spacious hall.  Inside the hall there are at least 6 stations manned by those with the vials of vaccine.  They check identity and explain what will happen and administer the jab. Each recipient receives a small card with a record of the type of jab given with the date and batch number.

Any chairs used are cleaned immediately after use and all staff volunteers are wearing badges, masks and yellow jackets.

Thanks and congratulations to all those who have swung into action to deliver this efficient programme so effectively.  It is much appreciated that Emsworth’s programme is one of the leaders of this nationwide delivery of injections.

Emsworth CLT 21st  January




15th January

Emsworth Community Land Trust looking to the future


The November AGM for ECLT (on Zoom) outlined the priorities for its plans for next year. High on the agenda is continued work with YMCA who are keen to lead the building of the site for nursery and youth provision on the plot north of Brighton Road. Hopefully, as the Covid lock down reduces in 2021, ECLT aims to work closely with those interested in the way a new centre could provide additional facilities in north Emsworth. A YMCA centre would also help those who move into the hundreds of new homes planned to be developed in North Emsworth in the next ten years in Southleigh area.

With the results of the Housing and Community Survey, the ECLT aims to work with the council to influence the affordable homes that will be coming through to better meet the needs of those who need to live and/or work in Emsworth.

Another key strand of ECLT’s work is to continue to be the catalyst for action with the shops in the town centre. The shop owners have worked flat out during the last months to stay afloat. ECLT helped with the Emsworth Alliance launch to help shoppers. A strong sense of connection emerged in the community during this project and ECLT plans to continue to work hard on such key local aims.

There is also an ECLT project afoot to improve South Street to expand some earlier plans for this area. This would work alongside the proposals shown in the last EMS for possible town centre improvements. ECLT also works closely with those at Havant Council and appreciates the support received from them.

The ECLT would like to welcome more local residents to join as members. It costs only £1 for life. (Donations are also welcome, of course.) Try our new website on https://emsworthclt.org.uk and you can drop a signed membership form and £1 into the Emsworth Community Centre (behind the fire station). Please do join us in our dedication to help with improvements in our town.


Dwyn Stepien & Maggie Gebbett





11th January


Evidence shows damage to River Ems

The Friends of the Ems group, formed by people in Westbourne and the surrounding area, has assembled a dossier of evidence to show how the river has been harmed.

The group believes the river is being seriously damaged by the amount of water being removed from its underground sources, and is lobbying Portsmouth Water and the Environment Agency for a reduction. It has been backed by Chichester MP Gillian Keegan and local councillors.

A group spokesperson said: ‘Since we formed back in September we’ve done a lot of research, which has included uncovering past reports, speaking to experts and recording the memories of local people.

‘We’ve gathered a lot of evidence which we believe shows how much the river has deteriorated over the years. It’s now at a very worrying point and action is needed to save it.

‘Having enough water in our taps is of vital importance. But the social and environmental benefits of a fully functioning river are also of immense value.

‘The Ems is a very rare chalk stream, one of only about 200 of its kind on Earth. It’s a vital resource for local people as well as for wildlife. Walkers find beauty and relaxation along its banks. Children play in it, feed the ducks, catch tiddlers and experience nature. It has a huge role in the wellbeing and mental health of the community.

‘We believe it must be possible to find a way of reducing pressure on the river while maintaining a water supply.’

The group, known as FOTE, says the Ems was healthier and flowed more strongly in the past, before modern-day abstraction (removal of water) by Portsmouth Water.

It says:

·       Past editions of the national angling guide Where to Fish show that the river has changed dramatically. From at least 1928 through to 1966, the guide’s description of the Ems was consistent. It said the river ‘rises above Racton’ and has ‘good trouting’. By 1967 the entry had been modified to: ‘rises above Racton, trout, but upper reaches are dry most of summer’. By 1973 there was no mention of the Ems as a place to fish at all.

·       There was a commercial angling club at Aldemoor/Lord’s Fishpond (alongside Foxbury Lane, just before Woodmancote Lane) that died out in the early 1970s, after abstraction began.

·       The Domesday Book (1086) listed four mills and a fishery at Westbourne, a mill at Warblington, a mill at Newtimber (close to Warblington), a mill at Lordington, two mills at Nutbourne and three mills at Bosham. The four mills at Westbourne were recorded as the most valuable in the area, well above the average for mills in Sussex. This suggests they were stronger than average. The fact that there was a mill at Lordington suggests there was once a much greater flow of water there. On the 1640 map of Westbourne there are at least two watermills in the village itself (River Street and King Street), and up to five fisheries.

·       The area had extensive water meadows and watercress beds, visible to this day on LIDAR (aerial laser survey) maps.

·       There was a sheepwash below Broadwash Bridge (on the Common Road, just north of Foxbury Lane) that was used to wash flocks in June before they were sheared.

·       Numerous oral history records suggest that the river was never dry below Aldemoor/Lord’s Fishpond, north of Westbourne, before abstraction began in the 1960s. It was rarely dry below Broadwash Bridge, and for extensive parts of the year trout and eels could be found as far north as Mitchamer pond below Stoughton.

·       Plant and animal surveys reported to the Environment Agency in 2007 suggest the Ems used to be perennial (flowing year-round) below Broadwash bridge.

FOTE says climate change or urbanisation cannot account for this reduction in the strength of the river.

It points out that in the last 50 years it has become quite common for the millpond at Westbourne to dry out in dry summers, despite Portsmouth Water pumping water into the river above the village. 

In late September last year, local people were appalled when the river became not much more than a chain of puddles through the village, with dead and dying fish. One resident described it as the worst he had ever seen.

The river had already been on the edge of drying out, but reached this crisis point because of a failure of a pump used by Portsmouth Water to add water at times of low flow.

The pump was eventually fixed, and rain helped to restore some flow. Portsmouth Water apologised, referring to ‘technical problems’.

It is likely that the river and its wildlife will take years to recover. FOTE believes the incident highlights long-term issues with the management of the river.

Several reports on the Ems accept the impact that abstraction has had on the river and its biodiversity. Abstraction rates have been fairly constant over the last 50 years but the condition of the river has got steadily worse.

FOTE says this reflects the unsustainability of the abstraction, especially during a period of changing climate. It believes species including the water vole, kingfisher and brown trout could become locally extinct. 

It does not accept that the river is a winterbourne – a stream or river that is naturally dry through the summer months. It says that before abstraction began, it had a year-round flow well above Westbourne.

FOTE is part of Greening Westbourne, a local environmental campaign. Greening Westbourne has been supporting a proposal by Chichester District Council to make the area along the Ems a designated “wildlife corridor” because of its environmental importance.


Local people who want to join FOTE can get involved by signing up as supporter. They should email greeningwestbourne@hotmail.co.uk


The group is also keen to receive more information, especially written or photographic evidence, that suggests the river once enjoyed better conditions and flows. It is also still collecting evidence of how the community and river wildlife have been affected by low flows.


John Millard, Greening Westbourne.



7th January

Emsworth Sailing Club has reached the national final of the RYA and Yachts & Yachting Club of the Year Award 2021.

The award scheme, supported by Gallagher, recognises the outstanding achievements of sailing clubs across the UK and promotes the hard work and dedication that goes into running a successful club – a feat made even more challenging this year with Covid-19 restrictions to contend with.

As an RYA south region finalist, the volunteer-run club is one of ten finalists from across the UK and a public vote will now decide the winner.  The club is hoping members, local sailors and nearby residents will vote for the club in its bid to become the national RYA and Yachts & Yachting Club of the Year.  Peggy Field, Emsworth Sailing Club sustainability co-ordinator said: “We are incredibly excited as a club - being a finalist is a first for us and is welcome positive news at the end of a very challenging year for everyone.

“Whilst COVID curtailed much of our club programme, we pulled together to do what we could to support members and our local community.

“During the first lockdown, we opened up our boat park, next to the coastal footpath, so local residents had space to walk maintaining social distancing.

“Despite not being allowed on the water, our members took to virtual racing, keeping sailors of all ages engaged.

“As soon as we could, we got back to training and racing, albeit with restrictions in place.

“We realised how important this was to the wellbeing of our members – being back in the fold of their club.”

In addition to the club reaching the final, the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) has also given Emsworth Sailing Club special recognition for its sustainability achievements.

Earlier this year the club launched its Environment Plan, which has embedded environmental thinking into the club’s decision-making, making it part of the club DNA and affecting every aspect of club activity, from on the water to in the office and even at the bar.  Numerous actions have been implemented to help ‘green’ the club, including fitting trigger nozzles on hoses to reduce water use and using LED lighting in the clubhouse.  The club recycles as much as possible and looks to ‘repurpose’ things like old rope, that would have previously been thrown away.  The club’s RYA training principal also makes sure instructors are trained to be ‘green’ so ‘on the water teaching’ does not disturb harbour wildlife and habitats.

Despite not having the full calendar of racing events, those that have gone ahead have been greener, with online registration and tallying.

Peggy added: “We are incredibly proud to receive special recognition for all our work on sustainability.

“All members, whether they sail, surf, swim or paddle, appreciate how amazing our very own blue - ‘Chichester Harbour’ - is. We want to make sure we look after it for the next generation of sailors.”

Voting closes on January 25. The overall winner will be announced at the RYA Virtual Dinghy Show. To vote visit awards.yachtsandyachting.co.uk/rya.  The club has also developed local links and reached out to other clubs in the area to share knowledge and maximise impact.

Having celebrated its 100th year in 2019, the club has a very forward-facing focus, including an emphasis on youth development.  The club’s juniors have also been very pro-active in helping with litter picks and making videos on plastic pollution.

Peggy said: “There is still more to be done and we are really excited to be in contact with other local clubs around the Harbour to share ideas and learn from each other. From the youngest to oldest member, our club community has come on board to take action to support a sustainable Emsworth Sailing Club. By going green we can save our blue!”

Michelle Gent, RYA Programmes Manager said: “A huge congratulations to all ten Club of the Year finalists. This has been an especially challenging year for clubs and each and every person involved in the running of these organisations has put in a tremendous amount of time and effort so that others can safely get afloat. Now it’s over to you to pick a winner!

Rob Peake, group editor of Sailing Today with Yachts & Yachting, said: “Anyone who started at club level as a child, or who joined a club as their entry to the sailing world as an adult, knows how vital that experience can be.

“A good club will show you how to get better at sailing and encourage you to continue sailing. A great club will help you simply enjoy sailing and it will welcome people from all parts its local community. The Club of the Year Award is unique in that it recognises the hard work that goes on behind the scenes by volunteers to make sailing clubs great, and to encourage more people into our sport.”

The Chichester Observer 5th January  2021



4th Januaary

Covid-19 Vaccination Update

Havant Borough and neighbouring villages, eleven GP practices1. which also covers some practices in Waterlooville and Havant) started running vaccination clinics from three 'hubs' — Waterlooville Health Centre, Hayling Health Centre and Emsworth Baptist Church before Christmas.  Sites were needed  to accommodate a large throughput of patients because, unlike flu jabs, which patients usually receive from their practices, the new vaccine needs more specialist storage and preparation. It is hoped that as other vaccines become available. and the expert advice develops, we can extend the number of vaccination sites.

Both the vaccines currently licenced for use in the UK (Pfizer and Astra Zeneca) require two doses to maximise the protection against Coronavirus that they provide. The Chief Medical Officer, supported by Government scientists, advised on 1 January 2021 that, due to the intensity of the current infection 'spike', the interval between doses should be 12 weeks rather than the three weeks originally advised for the Pfizer vaccine, to enable more people to have a first dose sooner.  This means that everyone who had a vaccination at one of ther hubs in December, and who was told to return three weeks later for their second jab, will now have this second appointment postponed until early/mid-March.

 Read the full update from The local Primary Care Networks HERE



1, Bosmere Medical Practice, Denmead Practice, The Elms Practice, Emsworth Surgery, Homewell Practice, Oaks Heatthcare, Park Lane Medics Practice, Staunton Surgery, The Village Surgery, Vine Medical Group, Waterside Metal Practice are working together to vaccinate patients as quickly as they can. The primary care networks (PCNs) of Havant & Waterlooville, Hayling Island & Emsworth and Strawberry Health.



1st January

Emsworth was put into Tier 4 on Saturday 19th December

1. Non-essential shops, hairdressers and leisure and entertainment venues are closed, with a new “stay at home” message introduced.
2. People who need to travel for education or childcare will be exempt, and exercise will be unlimited. Where people cannot work from home, they are still able to travel to work.
3. Under the measures, households will not be allowed to mix, but one person will be allowed to meet with one other person outside in a public space. Support bubbles and those meeting for childcare will be exempt.
4. Those who are deemed clinically extremely vulnerable should not go to work and should limit time outside of their homes.
5. Tier 4 residents must not stay overnight away from home, and cannot travel abroad.
More info. on Emsworth in Tier 4 can be found HERE



11th December

Festivals Collaborate for Online Concert on
Tuesday 15 December
McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle Christmas at Home


Emsworth-based arts organisation WemsFest has combined with Wickham Festival, and The South Downs Folk Festival (Bognor Regis) to present a virtual concert by power folk trio Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker, and John Doyle.

Best known for their work with Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler and BBC Transatlantic Sessions, as well as artists including Solas, Capercaillie, and Kate Rusby, the multi award-winning trio have recorded a 45 minute set full of Christmas tunes as well as some firm favourites which will be streamed into the homes of people the length and breadth of the UK linking with venues and festivals from the Highlands of Scotland across the sea to Belfast and on to the far South of England.

Their inaugural Christmas concert features a diverse mix of classic Christmas melodies, traditional and contemporary songs and tunes. Whether performing material such as the medieval based song ‘Curoo Curoo’, John Shehan’s hauntingly beautiful melody ‘Christchurch’ or the majestic ‘O Holy Night’, their decades of renowned musical expertise creates a magical and lasting impression.

Each show is different and at the end, questions submitted from the audiences of each venue and festival make for some unique moments. All ticket buyers will be given the opportunity to submit a question for their own unique event.

Band member Michael McGoldrick explained “We felt we wanted to connect with people at this time of year and had been looking for a way to do this. This November we were supposed to be performing in Switzerland and the Czech Republic and John Doyle had flown over from his home in the US. The tour was cancelled at short notice and so we thought, this is our chance to use the time to record something special”

Ticket sales will be split between the artists and the individual venues/festivals, so you can be confident that your purchase will not only support McGoldrick, McCusker and Doyle at Christmas, but also the local venues, promoters and festivals.

WemsFest Artistic Director, and co-ordinator with the 3 regional festivals, Mark Ringwood explained “The Trio are hugely popular with audiences for all 3 festivals and we enjoy a great relationship with them so it’s a great opportunity to support them as well as provide something which will hopefully bring some Festive cheer to many when we most need it.”

To access the concert go to https://myplayer.uk/christmasathome and buy a ticket for Tuesday 15 December to ensure that the 3 Festivals also benefit from your purchase. Once you’ve bought you will receive an email with information about how to watch the show in the comfort of your own home. The concert will begin at 7.30pm which your confirmation will state. Each ticket will allow one more screening within a 7 day period and everyone within your household can enjoy it. Tickets are only valid for one device at a time and cannot be shared. Tickets are now onsale.

Plans are also afoot for a February virtual concert by award-winning Scottish band Breabach which features original music accompanied by a BAFTA winning Animator which is set to create a new dimension in online music presentation. Details regarding this will shortly be available.



10th December

Emsworth Community Christmas

This is the sixth year of what, started by Jessica Bateman, as a very small idea with a handful of guests. Jessica's small strong team of volunteers from all walks of life and with one common interest and that is to make a difference.

They have hosted the Emsworth Community Christmas on Christmas day for people who would have necessarily been on their own at Christmas. This is the first year we won't be making an even bigger Christmas day for our guests..

This year can't all come together in the usual traditional gathering, instead they will be reaching out to 82 local vulnerable families and giving each family a £50 carefully selected Christmas dried food hamper.

They will also be supporting our young carers who attend Warblington and The Bourne Secondary Schools. Life can be tough as a young carer, this year we want to acknowledge them as the great inspirations they are to their family members they care for.  You can support Emsworth Community Christmas by donating with JustGiving,


6th December

How different will Christmas in Emsworth be in  2020  with Tier 2 Restrictions?

 Emsworth will have a Christmas tree and decorations in the Square and the Lobster Pot Christmas Tree will be on The Quay as usual but sadly there will not be a "Switching on of the lights" event due to current restrictions on numbers. Instead there will be the Christmas Angel trail around Emsworth shops on 12 and 19 December to involve families in the festivities and there will be a Christmas Farmers' Market on Sunday 19th December in The Square between 10.00am - midday and 2.00pm - 4.00pm.

 As families are not able to gather for the lights this year the Emsworth Business Association, ERA and Christians Together are organising an Angel Trail around Emsworth. Templates will be available from the Emsworth Alliance website soon. Decorate your angel in any way you choose. Follow the instructions on the site for giving these in by Sat 14 November and then in December you will be able to find them in shop windows as you go round town with an Angel trail form from the EA site or participating shops.  Prizes for completing the trail can be collected from a stall outside the Pastoral Centre/village square on Saturday 12th December and Saturday 19th December Farmers Market.

 Santa will be out with his sleigh in Emsworth Square on Saturday 12th  and Friday 18th December from 10.00am 'till 1.30pm  Come out and see us, give Santa a wave. All donations will be greatly appreciated. Cash or card. Money raised supports local people at  Christmas www.southbournelions.org. 

Most shops are and business are open -  the following provide a home delivery service:
M.R. Starr Butchers will remain open Monday-Saturday 7.00am - 2.00pm.  Free home Delivery  Tel.01243 372058 Visit our Facebook page for more information
Treagust Butchers: free home delivery services Monday-Friday, AND to top it off we have plenty of great quality stock and fantastic offers!!! Check HERE to see this week's offers! /www.treagustbutchers.co.uk
Emsworth Alliance: Several business led by Ben Laycock of Emsworth Delicatessen and Anna Tonkin, Oyster Design, had  set up an ordering system and deliveries for local shops, Emsworth Alliance, They also deliver "Home essentials packs" which include eggs, milk, bread, cheese, butter, veg, and  meat.  

All of Emsworth's pubs*, cafés and restaurants are Open  Some are offering a takeaway service:   
FAT OLIVES  serve home deliveries on Fridays and Saturdays. Details at: www.fatolives.co.uk
36 on the Quay · TAKEAWAY MENU - 7 days a week, collection & local deliver (1 day notice)
The FOOD TRUCK will continue to offer TAKEAWAY street food.  Tel.   01243 375592
Cafe Moka see  Facebook

The Brookfield Hotel Restaurant Takeaway & Home delivery  Menu

The Coal Exchange in South Street have a £10  Meal Deal Two Course Menu and all so provide takeaway meals more details can be found on their website www.thecoalexchange.co.uk

*Except the Railway Inn which has closed permanently and the Blue Bell which is undergoing repairs a and will re-open soon.

Christmas in Emsworth Churches will be a little different this year with booking to attend services being essential. More details and the times of services can be found HERE


25th November


Local Year 8 pupil Selected for RYA Regional Training Group


We are delighted that Hugo Dobrijevic, a Year 8 student at Bourne Community College and member of the Royal Yachting Association, has been selected for the Regional Training Group – Optimist (South Group 1) Winter 2020/21 with the British Youth Sailing Team.



In a letter from Chris Atherton, RYA National Performance Manager of the British Youth Sailing Team, he commented that "Hugo’s selection for this RYA activity recognises his potential to progress within British Youth Sailing, with the aim of winning selection for our UK Youth Squads or beyond into our Olympic Development programmes. Hugo was selected on the basis of his performance and commitment to a programme of training and competition over a period of several years, and establishes his status as a British Youth Sailing sailor who we hope will represent Great Britain at major international events in the forthcoming years."


Sailing clearly runs in the family and Hugo's father is a local Sailmaker with his own sailmaking company in Westbourne. 


Mrs. Watkins, Headteacher commented, "We are delighted for him and look forward to watching his progress. We wish him a fantastic season!"


17th November

We need your help to create our Winter Wonderland 2020


Westbourne Primary School is the local school in Westbourne village.  School funding has seen recent and significant cuts but also their fundraising efforts for 2020 have been extremely limited due to the covid 19 pandemic.  In order to support the school and the learning of all the children the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) need to regularly put on events to try and raise much needed funds.

 This year they have decided to run a Winter Wonderland Walk and are looking for homes and businesses to join the trail. Funds raised from this event will go towards the much needed refurbishment of the playground at the school.


It is as simple as light up or decorate the outside of your home! We want to create a spectacular Christmas extravaganza for everyone to enjoy by walking or driving past!


We are hoping the event will run from the 11th - 31st December.  If you want to take part please email Verity Evans: verity@thinkdoodle.co.uk with your address and contact details so you can be added to our digital map.  There is also a prize for the best display judged by the public! We have a Christmas craft pack full of colouring pages, letter to and from Santa, recipes and craft ideas that are available to download to help with window decoration.


A link will be sent to participants for the craft pack as well as a fundraising poster with a link to our fundraising page to share with the community.

The craft pack is a free digital download but we do recommend a donation of £3, maps of the route will also be available to purchase at local businesses for a donation. For any businesses joining the trail we will highlight what service you provide as a thank you.  We want to support local businesses as we know it has been a tough year for everyone.



16th November

Let Havant Borough Council know what you want from Emsworth Recreation Ground


In partnership with local charity Verity's Gift, Havant Borough Council is running an online survey to understand what families and children think of the play provision at Emsworth Recreation Ground.

The survey - which will run until Monday 7 December - only takes a few minutes to complete. By understanding what residents want, the council and Verity's Gift intend to work together on a refurbishment programme of the play facilities at Emsworth Recreation Ground.

Verity’s Gift is a local charity established to support young people and local causes. The charity’s initial objective is to raise funds to refurbish the play area at Emsworth Recreation Ground. More information on the charity and its aims can be found here.

Formally opened in 1909, the grounds have been a local asset for much longer. Back in 1802, Emsworth’s local cricket matches were played here and in 1811, its use for public recreation was secured for posterity.

This new partnership aims to add extra value and amenity to this long-used site, replacing play equipment originally installed in 2001 and ensuring that young people within the borough have access to good quality play provision that supports their health and wellbeing - both physical and mental.

Cllr Alex Rennie, Cabinet Lead for Communications, said: "We're delighted to be working with Verity's Gift in understanding what users of Emsworth Recreation Ground want.

"Clarity in what people want from their local recreation ground provides us with the opportunity to make positive changes to benefit the residents of Emsworth."

To take part in the survey, visit here. No personal details are required to take part in the survey, with all data remaining anonymous.

Havant Borough Council November 16th 2020



13th November

Community Infrastructure Levy helps Community Café

Money awarded by Havant Borough Council through its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) has helped a local community café.

Hewitt’s Community Café in South Street, Emsworth is run by The Right to Work Community Interest Company (CIC) who offer new and exciting range of work-related day service opportunities for people with learning disabilities.

Awarded £5,100 for new kitchen facilities, the café has used the opportunity of lockdown to refit and refurbish its kitchen.

The popular café will once again be able to give sustainable and appropriate work opportunities for people who can and want to work but require support to do so.

Councillor Leah Turner, Cabinet Lead for Coastal Communities, said “This is a fantastic example of how CIL funding can help in the community.”

"I have had the pleasure of visiting Hewitts Community Cafe several times and this project supports the disadvantaged young people who enjoy working in the cafe, cooking and serving delicious food to local people."

Debbie Lyall, Managing Director of The Right to Work CIC, said: "Receiving this funding has allowed us to modernise the kitchen, which has made a huge difference to our teams who work in there. 

"Sadly, the situation with the coronavirus pandemic means that we were unable to provide supported work at the moment, and we are unable to open the cafe.  However, we are looking forward to re-opening again once the restrictions are lifted." 

CIL is a charge set on new developments in order to raise funds that are then allocated to subsidise infrastructure, facilities and services needed in the community.

The Neighbourhood CIL fund is spent on neighbourhood projects.   Since being  implemented in 2013 Havant Borough Council has collected more than £1.5m,  earmarking £785K for new infrastructure to support the local community.  More information about this can be found on our website at www.havant.gov.uk/spending-bid-process

For more information about Hewitts café and The Right to Work Community Interest Company visit https://www.therighttowork.co.uk/hewitts-cafe/

Havant Borough Council November 12th 2020


1st November

The Great Solent Birdwatch 7th - 15th November 2020

20th October

Rescue plan launched for river at “cliff edge”

A group campaigning to save their local river has drawn up a rescue plan to bring it back from the “cliff edge” of disaster.  The plan would stop millions of litres being pumped from the underground sources of the River Ems by Portsmouth Water.

 Friends of the Ems (FOTE) was formed last month by residents in Westbourne, near Emsworth. It is campaigning to restore the river to a healthy wildlife habitat and stop it running dry in places where it used to flow freely.  Now the group is calling on the Environment Agency (EA) and Portsmouth Water (PW) to consider its plan.

 PW has licences to take water from the underground reserves that feed the river, in a process called abstraction. The licences are controlled by the EA. 

 FOTE have put this plan to them:

       From now until 2025, PW would voluntarily reduce or stop abstraction when groundwater levels fell below an agreed point.

       From 2025, abstraction by PW would significantly reduce or stop, permanently, in an attempt to achieve a natural flow in the river.

 In a letter to PW and the EA, the group says the amount of water now being abstracted, combined possibly with the effects of climate change, is having “a devastating impact on the health and biodiversity of the river”.

 Historically the Ems had enough water to support five water mills in the Westbourne area, along with watercress beds and extensive water meadows.   Now the river is at a “cliff edge”, FOTE says. This was shown last month when a PW pump, artificially adding water to the Ems, failed for just five days. Large stretches of the river ran dry.

 A spokesman for FOTE said:
“It’s clear that the amount of abstraction allowed by the licences was far too high when they were granted in the 1960s. Something needs to be done quickly, and we want to meet the EA and PW as soon as possible to discuss our plan.”
The Ems is a haven for protected wildlife and one of only about 200 such chalk streams in the world. It flows through the South Downs National Park and into Chichester Harbour, via Westbourne and then Emsworth.

 FOTE is part of Greening Westbourne, a local environmental campaign. Greening Westbourne has been supporting a proposal by Chichester District Council to make the area along the Ems a designated “wildlife corridor” because of its environmental importance.  Local people who want to join FOTE can get involved by signing up as supporter. They should email greeningwestbourne@hotmail.co.uk

 The group is also keen to receive information, especially written or photographic evidence, that suggests the river once enjoyed better conditions and flows. It is also collecting evidence of how the community or river wildlife has been affected by low flows.

 Friends of the Ems October 2020



19th October

Bourne Community College New STEM Facility Officially Opened



17th October

The draft Town Plan has been published

The plan, commissioned by the ERA, to consider the ways that more pedestrian space could be created, traffic could be calmed, and the appearance of the town made more welcoming. It also proposes a cycle route through the town which could link with the Chichester-Emsworth path proposed by Highways England.

The Town Plan is only a drawing and a set of ideas for discussion and consultation.  The Residents Association is seeking comments from residents, businesses and the interested parties before arguing for its implementation. 
Read more....



7th October

Warblington Road Traffic Issues

A number of residents in the above roads have recently made contact with both Havant Borough Council and the local Councillor Lulu Bowerman regarding some ongoing issues related to parking by non-residents accessing the foreshore. Several photographs have been submitted showing obstructive parking on the junctions and along the roads. Residents have also supplied anecdotal evidence of 'near misses' at the junctions.


Having taken on board the concerns of residents and discussed this with the local councillor, a draft proposal for the implementation of waiting restrictions has been formulated as shown on HERE.


The proposals include double yellow lines at the junctions of Beach Road and Kings Road and on Warblington Road leading to the slipway. These are felt to be the locations where obstructive parking was deemed to be a hazard to sightlines and emergency access to the waterfront. To reduce the congestion on Beach Road and Kings Road it was felt that a lesser restriction in the form of a seasonal, timed restriction (1 April — 31 October 9am-6pm) would be more appropriate. The restrictions are in a staggered arrangement to maintain some form of natural traffic calming. Any agreed proposals are likely to be implemented on an experimental basis so that we can monitor the effect and effectiveness of the restrictions. The planned timescale would be to implement any agreed proposals from the beginning of April 2021 so that they would be in place for the summer period which will allow valuable monitoring to take place over the likely busy months.


It was felt that an informal consultation with local residents directly affected by the proposals would be a way to start the process to ensure that residents were content with our suggested solution. Therefore, I would be grateful for any comments that you would like to make regarding our initial suggestions via email at traffictearn@easthants.gov.uk by 30th October 2020.


Due to the current working restrictions should you require any further information please contact me via email at trafficteamAeasthants.gov.uk


East Hants Traffic Team




3rd October

ChEm Route alternative proposal published by Chichester & District Cycle Forum and Bournes Forum



Highways England (HE), WSCC and CDC are discussing the HE feasibiity study for ChEmRoute.  Time is of the essence and HE is progressing rapidly - Adriana Chirovici has been appointed as the Project Manager for the scheme.   To both clarify the CDCF's position as well as offer an alternative vision, CDCF and the Bournes Forum have published an alternative document.  It has been voted on by the two groups and the results of the C&DCF and Bournes Forum Working Group Members poll as at 9am Thursday 24 Sept are as follows: 19 in favour of proceeding, 3 generally supportive but asking for a delay, 3 against.   The CDCF has included as many of the comments as possible and published the document to the key stakeholders and press on Monday 28 September.  To HE, WSCC, CDC, the press.



The full document can be found HERE - note - because of the transfer from .pdf to this web page, some photos and plans are missing.  For copies of the photos and plans, please contact  andrewgould97@hotmail.com

More information about the Emsworth - Chichester Cycle Route can be found at: www.chicycle.co.uk/chemroute/introduction



27th September

Call to Save River Ems as it Runs Dry

People living near the River Ems are calling for urgent action to save it.

Long sections of the river, a rare chalk stream and a haven for protected wildlife, have run dry or have only a trickle of water left. In the last few days water levels have dropped alarmingly.  Now Friends of the Ems (FOTE), a group formed by people living near the Ems in Westbourne, West Sussex, is demanding action to limit the damage to the river and protect it for the future.


The Ems, made up of interlinked watercourses, is one of only about 200 such chalk streams in the world. It flows through the South Downs National Park and into Chichester Harbour, via Westbourne and then Emsworth.

Large amounts of water are taken by Portsmouth Water from the river’s underground sources. The company pumps some water back into the Ems at certain times. FOTE is worried that current arrangements are either not capable of keeping the river flowing properly, or are failing.


A FOTE spokesperson said: “We formed FOTE in the summer because people were already concerned about the health of the Ems locally.

“Water levels were already worryingly low in August, but in the last few days they’ve dropped dramatically, with awful consequences for wildlife.

“We’d recently found evidence of water voles in the river, and it’s a habitat for other protected species, including bats and rare plants. Key fish species include brown trout and bullheads. Kingfishers are regularly seen.

“We’re raising concerns with Portsmouth Water and with the Environment Agency, which controls abstraction licences – government permits to remove water.

“The river urgently needs more water, immediately. But in the long term our aim is to improve the Ems’s function as a wildlife habitat and its health as a river system. This could mean reducing the amount of water taken by Portsmouth Water or increasing the amount that it puts back in, or both.

“The river’s current state is heartbreaking, and doesn’t just affect wildlife. The Ems is a vital resource for local people. Walkers find beauty and relaxation along its banks, and children play in it and experience nature. Horses and farm livestock drink from it, and dogs use it to splash in. It must be saved.”

FOTE is part of Greening Westbourne, a local environmental campaign. Greening Westbourne has been supporting a proposal by Chichester District Council to make the area along the Ems a designated ‘wildlife corridor’ because of its environmental importance.  People who want to join FOTE can get involved by signing up as supporter. They should email greeningwestbourne@hotmail.co.uk

The group is also keen to receive information, especially written or photographic evidence, that suggests the river once enjoyed better conditions and flows. It is also collecting evidence of how the community or river wildlife has been affected by low flows.


John Millard, Greening Westbourne.


11th September

Havant Council plans a New Nature Reserve along the Coast to Enable Nitrate Neutral Regeneration and Redevelopment

After local house building was put on hold because of warnings about nitrates polluting the sea, innovative Havant Borough Council purchased a farm which will be transformed into a haven for overwintering waders and brent geese – and will be run at no cost to the council or its residents.

The coastal site, between Nore Barn Woods and Warblington (see photo)  will enhance the borough’s internationally important coastline, and also help mitigate against rising nutrient levels across the area.  Recognising a pro-active approach was key, Havant Borough Council developed its own bespoke solution to addressing nutrients. In the first stage the solution involves:

• The council taking over the management of a 148 acre (60 hectare) site - currently used for agriculture - situated on the coast of Warblington

• Decommissioning the site from intensive agricultural use, to have a positive impact on nutrient levels along the coastline which currently result in eutrophication and subsequent significant algae blooms along our coastline

• Converting the site into a nature reserve, providing a safe haven for animals and plants

• All future developments calculating their specific nutrient budget, using the methodology approved by Natural England

• Applicable new developments within the borough paying a contribution towards the offsite mitigation offered, reflecting the additional nitrate loads they produce

• Stewardship of the site being funded purely by contributions, with no additional cost to the council or taxpayers

There is currently a footpath which runs through the site from Warblington Cemetery to Nore Barn Woods. This would be retained and upgraded as part of Natural England’s coastal path initiative.

Over time, further improvements will be added to the site to increase its use by the same protected geese and waterfowl which use the harbours, whilst also enabling visitors to understand and appreciate the local environment. This is a long-term project for the council, and little will change overnight. However, over time, the site will become a treasured asset - a destination from which to both enjoy our amazing coastline and appreciate the species contained within it.

The Leader of Havant Borough Council, Councillor Michael Wilson, added: “I am delighted that our pioneering approach sees us as the first local authority in the country to tackle this issue head-on.

"Our innovative and original solution not only helps secure the long-term prosperity of our area -  it will also create a nature reserve which will be a haven for wildlife and birds.

"We have worked extremely hard to find a way to protect our cherished environment and ensure the vital investment and development the borough needs can take place.

"By working so closely with our partners we have found a radical solution to what seemed, at first, to be a complex challenge.

"I’m proud to say our borough is very much open for business!”

For more information on the council's nutrient mitigation solution - including summary infographics, documents and more - visit www.havant.gov.uk/nitrogen and photographs HERE



2nd September

Emsworth ResidentsReview Town Centre's Future

The Residents Association has commissioned a review of the access to and facilities in Emsworth town centre.   Tom Davies, Helyer Davis Architects, is producing a plan of how the centre could be developed. This review will be completed in mid-September.

The aim of the review is to promote the centre of Emsworth as an attractive place to live, work, shop and visit.

Considerations include:

- Safety for pedestrians, cyclists, disabled people and all users

- Access to the homes in the town

- The needs of shops, cafes and other businesses

- Promoting walking and cycling

- Space for sitting, meeting and events e.g. Farmers' Markets and parades

- The roads through the town, 20mph speed limit, a one-way system

- Short and long term parking

- Improving links so that North Street is more part of our town centre

- Use of Emsworth quay and the foreshore.

A summary of the review will be published in the next edition of The EMS (out later this month - September).

If there are other issues related to this review that you would like to be considered please contact Theo Schofield, Chairman ERA, on chairman.era@outlook.com .


19th August

Emsworth Artists take their show online for 2020

Emsworth Artists go online this year to keep up a proud tradition

Work by John Tweddell
Work by John Tweddell

Spokeswoman Jan Copsey said: “The Emsworth Artists have staged their summer exhibition for over 30 years and have raised over £30,000 for the Emsworth Community Centre"

“Sadly, we have had to cancel. However this year we are arranging to go online with an exhibition to be called the Emsworth Artists Lockdown Exhibition. We have a number of local artists creating paintings, sculptures, digital art, ceramics, embroidery and wicker work.”

The exhibition will run from August 15-September 5. To access it, visit http://www.emsworthartists.org.uk then click on exhibition. All works will be for sale.

The great thing is that the show will go on – despite the awful year we have all had.

“It was 33 years ago that the first Emsworth Artists exhibition was staged in the Emsworth Community Centre. The group of selected artists, all living within two miles of Emsworth Centre, were chosen because of the high standard of their work. This has not changed, and I am sure everyone will agree that a visit to Emsworth Artists’ annual exhibition has always been a delight. What has changed is that this year the exhibition will be held online. Another change is that as well as paintings and sculpture, we have over the years diversified to include, digital art, ceramics, embroidery, photography and wicker work. Something for everyone, so please take time to view our exhibition online.

“Each artist can submit up to five exhibits and will have a page dedicated to their work with all the details necessary to purchase if desired. If anyone would like to purchase any works, they should contact the artist direct. We are hoping for as many of our artists as possible to join us to make this an exciting online exhibition.

“The purpose of the Emsworth Artists annual exhibition was always to raise funds for the Community Centre, and over the years this has amounted to well over £30,000. Although this year we certainly won’t be able to match our usual annual donation, we are asking individual artists who sell works via our online exhibition to voluntarily donate a percentage of their sales to the Community Association.

“We will miss the pleasure of inviting people to our private view and visiting the Community Centre for the exhibition but staying safe is paramount. We can only hope that next year we can once again extend a real and warm welcome to everyone.

“We as artists have obviously not had the chance to get together as usual, along with a glass of wine which was always much enjoyed. Sadly this is not possible so easily on Zoom! Our communication has been mostly on emails this year. But one of our committee members Stuart Thompson offered to arrange an online exhibition. Quite a lot of our artists are amateur, but possibly not all, either retired or have other work so they are not depending on sales so much and we donate a percentage of the revenue.”





3rd August


Eat Out to Help Out in Emsworth

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 3rd August and 31st August at the following establishments:

Brookfield Hotel 93 Havant Road, Emsworth

THE KINGS ARMS 19 Havant Road, Emsworth

36 ON THE QUAY LTD 47 South Street, Emsworth

The Coal Exchange 21 South Street, Emsworth

The Ship Inn 24 High Street, Emsworth

The Crown Hotel (Currently Closed) 8, High St, Emsworth

Driftwood Cafe 44 High Street, Emsworth

DARBAR 36-38, North Street, Emsworth

The Deck Emsworth The Deck Emsworth, The Sussex Brewery Main Road Southbourne

Use the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme at these establishments: · to get 50% off your food and non-alcoholic drinks up to a total value of £10 per person if you eat or drink in  as many times as you like You don’t need a voucher to use the scheme  and you can use it at the same time

as other offers and discounts. There is no minimum spend.




24th July

First move-ins at new homes in Emsworth

 Barratt Homes is celebrating its first customer move-ins at the Saxon Corner development in Emsworth, Hampshire.

Mr Sunny Onuh and Mrs Gloria Onuh have moved into an Ennerdale, semi-detached three bedroom property at the popular Emsworth development, which launched in February this year.

The couple, who work for a major gas distribution company, made a local move from Cosham, but are looking forward to settling down to quieter village living, away from the urban hustle and bustle they were used to previously.

Mr and Mrs Onuh said: “We’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of this new site since last year and we couldn’t be happier to be the first customers to move in. Despite purchasing our brand new home at Saxon Corner during the Covid-19 pandemic, the service we received from Barratt Homes whilst in lockdown was exceptional. It gave us peace of mind to know we were in safe hands and were kept up-to-date along the way. We’d like to thank the team for all they have done for us and we are looking forward to spending many long happy years in our new home.”

Saxon Corner is already experiencing high demand from those wishing to settle in the area, despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Tammy Bishop, Sales Director at Barratt Homes Southampton, said: “We’ve been delighted by the success we’ve seen here at Saxon Corner. This is a very popular area in which to live, and buyers are demonstrating a keen interest in this delightful development.

“It is so exciting to have opened the doors here and see the first customers move in. I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome Mr and Mrs Onuh to the development and wish them all the very best in their new home.”

Saxon Corner is within walking distance of Emsworth town centre, with its beautiful streets of architecture, high walled gardens and stunning views across the harbour. The development is close to a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants, and there is a great choice of local schools, nurseries and colleges nearby. Transport links are excellent with both the A27 to Chichester, and the A3 to Petersfield within easy reach.

To find out more about new homes at Saxon Corner or to arrange a visit head to www.barratthomes.co.uk or call 0330 057 6000.



22nd July

Southbourne Student Seeks Help

Abi Hayes and 19,a Southbourne resident will be going to University in September and needs to fund a wheelchair before then. She hopes to enjoy and experience university life to the fullest and to do that needs a wheelchair.

Abi has EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) which is a connective tissue disorder and affects the sufferer  in many ways - the most obvious is frequent daily subluxations and dislocations. It causes other physical conditions POTS and ME/CFS. POTS causes problems with the autonomic nervous system resulting in becoming very dizzy when standing, heart rate is rapid and limbs are numb due to blood pooling. ME/CFS causes intense fatigue and 'crashes' these episodes are intense and occur daily.

All of this means  it is very hard to get out of the house. It's impossible without the aid of wheelchair. The wheelchair Abi currently has I isn't suitable to be used daily and outside. It's heavy and cumbersome - an ultra light wheelchair that's custom made would be the best solution

 Her conditions means she is unable to walk far. She wants the chance to succeed in education and to study a subject she loves. The total cost will be around £8000, hoping to fundraise at least £4000 and apply to charities who may be able to partly fund the rest.

Abi will be be studying biomedical science at Surrey University and is looking forward to it.  She has been a pupil at all three Southbourne schools and attended Chichester college.

A wheelchair will help to give Abi back her independence.  If you could donate she would be very greatful: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/abi-hayes






20th July

Emsworth Library Saved

Eight Hampshire libraries set to close in 2021, county council confirms. The news comes following a public consultation which ran earlier this year, which had responses from more than 20,000 people.   Eight libraries have been earmarked for closure in Hampshire as the county council looks to make substantial savings,

Emsworth library which had also been earmarked for closure but following the consultation process has been taken off the list with an option of relocating to the Community Centre in North Street.  Currently, Blackfield, Elson, Fair Oak, Horndean, Lee-on-the-Solent, Lyndhurst, Odiham and South Ham libraries will be closed on January 1 next year, subject to the proposals being officially voted through next week.

From closing these libraries, Hampshire County Council expects to save £340,000. and a further £775,000 is due to be saved through the reduction of opening hours.





27th June

Teacher's hobby photographing waves and coastlines lands him his first exhibition in Emsworth
A PASSION for photographing waves and the coastline has landed a primary school teacher his first exhibition in an Emsworth cafe.

Keen surfer and paddle boarder Sam Rogers from Waterlooville has been exploring photography techniques since around 2013 - and his efforts have paid off, with 11 of his images now on display at The Deck in Emsworth Yacht Harbour.  Sam, who teaches reception pupils at Southbourne Infant School in Emsworth, started honing his skills using a GoPro while travelling throughout the UK and Europe so he could share images and memories on social media.

He went on holiday to Greece and took some really nice photos at sunset, which encouraged him to buy his first DSLR camera and develop his simplistic style which captures the sea and sky.

Primary school teacher Sam Rogers, from Waterlooville, has had some of his photographs displayed in a gallery at Emsworth cafe The Deck. Pictured: Sam with a few of his images

After seeing his photos on the walls of The Deck, 26-year-old Sam said: ‘It was really weird to start with, it was only when I put them up that I thought it’s just amazing.

‘It was a bit nerve-wracking when The Deck first asked me, it’s a bit of a surreal feeling to see the photos I have taken all over someone’s walls.

‘I am so excited and can't wait for people to see my take on the local coastline.’


school teacher Sam Rogers, from Waterlooville, has had some of his photographs displayed in a gallery at Emsworth cafe The Deck.

Sam’s hobby keeps him busy during half term breaks and the summer holidays when he goes away in his camper van, and a friend is so impressed with his skills that they have asked if he will photograph their wedding.

He recently took on an online photography course during lockdown to brush up on his skills and learn some new techniques.

Sam, whose photography account has amassed more than 10,000 followers, said: ‘I just do it because everybody gets stressed at work, and for my mental wellbeing to go out on a paddle board and take some pictures, it keeps me grounded, relaxed and chilled.

‘I love being in the sea and surfing, I love taking photos so I can look back at them and reminisce.

‘It’s like a complete escape and makes you feel so much better - there’s something about being in the sea.’

To see more of Sam’s work, visit https://www.instagram.com/ssamrogerss/?hl=en


The News Friday, 26th June 2020  


23rd June


Much of Emsworth town centre ha been partly "pedestrianised" in order to improve social distancing in anticipation of an increase in visitor numbers with the easing of the lock down measures:

Lulu Bowerman, chairman of the Emsworth Business Association stated in a letter to business owners:

"In order to maintain safe distancing and protect everyone as part of the post COVID 19 recovery measures, Hampshire County Council and Havant Borough Council have carried out assessments of Emsworth, looking particularly at the width of pavements with regards to the 2 metre distancing. The following changes will be brought into effect by the end of the week and next week for the foreseeable future but will be reassessed as government guidelines change." 


Read more HERE





7th April

Covid-19 Pandemic how is Emsworth coping? An update....


Two weeks after the government issued instructions to: Stay at home Only leave the house for very limited purposes  Do not meet others, even friends or family. You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

So, how is Emsworth coping?  The short answer seems to be very well.

All cafés restraints, pubs and shops except food shops and chemists are closed. as are the dentists but the Emsworth Doctors Surgery is working with telephone consultations. Most residents are following the "stay at home" restrictions so that the town is almost devoid of people.

Work started to relocate Emsworth Surgery on January 20th as part of a £3.5m scheme to convert the unused former Victoria Cottage Hospital into a state-of-the-art surgery. The work was due to be completed in January next year and it was hoped that the new surgery could open its doors to its first patients in March 2021.However, (Work was halted on 25 March due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Within a week a number of business led by Ben Laycock of Emsworth Delicatessen and Anna Tonkin, Oyster Design, had  set up an ordering system and deliveries for local shops, Emsworth Alliance, They also deliver "Home essentials packs" which include eggs, milk,bread, chese, butter, veg, and  meat. 

Although most of the takeaways are closed the Coal exchange in South Street will be providing  takeaway meals again from tomorrow Wednesday 8th after fourteen days self isolation - see the menu HERE and takeaways are also available from:

·       The Blue Bell Inn – 01243 373394

·       Emsworth Delicatessen – 01243 389181

·       The Greenhouse café – 01243 37083

The following shops also have a home delivery service:

·       Emsworth Delicatessen: 01243 389181

·       M R Starr (Butchers and Fishmongers):   01243 372058

·       Tiers (Fruit & Veg:  01243 372447

·       PDN Wines: 01243 377883

·       Vin Wines: 01243 698838



At least one road has established its own self-help scheme by setting up a Facebook page to support vulnerable residents.

Our local MP, Alan Mak, is compiling a list of local residents who would be willing to support isolated and vulnerable members of the community. Click here to complete the volunteer sign-up form. Alan is also working to provide advice and help for households self isolating an with local businesses to deliver essential goods to vulnerable residents.

Community First is answering requests for help every day either through their website and  hotline or via their volunteer networks (literally hundreds of people) Help them in some way, either by picking up prescriptions, collecting supplies or putting them in touch with someone to talk to and keep in touch with while they're in isolation.

During the Easter holiday period Emsworth Primary School remains open offering childcare for the children of key workers and the Doctor's surgery remains working by consulting patients over the telephone.


Looking ahead he Brookfield Hotel is organising a competition to how our appreciation to all the Key Workers that are keeping us going through this scary time we are running a competition for when they re open!

The overall situation in Emsworth is constantly changing - this week Tiers the Greengrocers issued the following statement;

" Over the last few weeks we have been working hard to deliver orders to as many of you as we possibly can. This has all been done in extremely difficult circumstances. Due to the on going restrictions and government advice we have made the heart breaking decision to close the shop TEMPORARILY for a period of 3 weeks from Monday April 6th. The decision has not been an easy one to make and will be the first time in 55 years that Tiers will not be open to serve the loyal people of Emsworth, but as a business the most important thing to us in these unprecedented times is the health and safety of all our customers and staff."

In normal times these E-Newsletters list upcoming events but obviously these have all been postponed or cancelled.  However, you can still find out what would have been taking place and, later in the year what's happening when the crisis is over on the Emsworth Online website HERE.

More news in Emsworth can be found in the EMMS the spring edition of the Residents Association newspaper.

If you have any news about Emsworth that you are willing to share please contact Emsworth Online: info@emsworthonline.co.uk



To conclude please remember the simple message: Stay at home




25th February

A couple from Emsworth  have set up a pioneering audio biography service so families can record their life stories, memories and experiences.

Mike and Diana Tibble have launched www.audiobiographers.co.uk having met hundreds of people throughout their respective careers with everyone having a story to tell.

Diana said: "I have worked in the caring and therapeutic professions and I have yet to meet someone whose story is ordinary. The most moving aspect of creating an audio biography is hearing loved ones speak so naturally and their emotions are clearly evident. It is a fantastic idea to preserve your family history in such a unique and personal way."

Mike is an member of the Oral History Society and has developed his skills in interviewing techniques, ethics, recording equipment and digital editing. "I have always been interested in recording people's life stories and one of my personal interests is capturing the stories of war veterans including my 98 year old father in law."

They are also offering audio biographies for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

Diana said: "What better way to capture your wedding than to record the bride and groom and their guests, and years later listen back to such a special day. Audio can evoke as many memories, if not more than photography so we want to provide a service that will benefit people and their families through their generations to come."

"Imagine listening back to your great-grandfather talk about his life experiences or your great-great-grandmother reminiscing about her wedding day. How magical would that be?"






22nd February



Parham House & Gardens announces its calendar of events for the 2020 season and welcomes an exciting new era under the stewardship of new Head Gardener Erika Packard and her horticulturalist husband Assistant Head Gardener Tim Miles.


Erika began her new role at Parham in September 2019, having previously been head gardener of a 24-acre private garden in Kent designed by Tom Stuart-Smith.   After earning a BA degree in writing and photography, American-born Erika worked in journalism and communications in various cities around the United States.  However, it was the purchase of a plot of land near her childhood home outside Charlottesville, Virginia, which she transformed into a small farm, and her volunteer work as a trained horticultural educator with the Piedmont Master Gardeners, that inspired her to pursue a new career in gardening.  An appreciation for British horticulture led her abroad to Scotland, where she studied horticulture with plantsmanship at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), one of the world's pre-eminent botanical institutions. Erika graduated at the top of her class and holds a BSc from Glasgow University and the RBGE Diploma in Plantsmanship, with distinction.

Of coming to Parham House & Gardens, Erika said: “I am delighted to have the full support of Lady Emma Barnard and her family in my desire to further elevate Parham’s gardens. My aim is for Parham to become a destination of horticultural excellence whilst preserving the spirit of the garden as part of a much-loved family home.”


Parham’s spectacular gardens consist of the beautiful pleasure grounds and a four-acre walled garden featuring uniquely planted herbaceous borders, a rose garden, herb, cut flower and vegetable gardens and 1920s Wendy House.  The season at Parham will begin with Easter crafts and activities for families, feature newly curated tours of the needlework collection, masterclasses and much more.




Key Events at Parham:

-        Season opens for Easter fun on Sunday 12 and Monday 13 April. Family garden trail, face painting, craft activities and storytelling.

-        Needlework on Display in the House from Wednesday May to Sunday 31 May. A chance to see one of the UK’s finest needlework collections, with items not normally on display.

-        Guided House Tours on 8 May, 10 July, 7 August, 11 September at 10.30am. Learn about Parham’s fascinating history and see its treasures uncovered.

-        Embroidery Masterclass with Chrissie Juno Mann on 12 May from 10am – 4pm. Chrissie, a Royal School of Needlework tutor, teaches how to embroider a ‘Wild Rose’ in The Great Hall.

-        Guided Garden Tours 15 May, 19 June, 17 July, 14 August and 18 September. Behind-the-scenes in Parham’s beautiful Gardens. Tips and inspiration.

-        Guided Clock Tours on 22 May and 4 September at 10.30am. Hour-long tours of Parham’s horological objects and their history.

-        Artist in Residence Exhibition Wednesday 10 June to Sunday July 5. Diana de Vere Cole’s beautiful paintings of Parham on display.

-        Guided Needlework Tours Friday 21 August and Friday 2 October at 10.30am. New tours of Parham’s intricate needlework with an expert guide.


Please visit www.parhaminsussex.co.uk for further information.



6th February


Our Patient Survey feedback was extremely positive.  However, there did seem to be a group of patients who are still unaware of our Extended Access Hub service. We are addressing this by repeating the advertising we did initially in hope that we can help those patients who missed the information first time round.

Southbourne Surgery has joined forces with a group of 7 other practices in the Chichester area – Chichester Alliance of Medical Practices (ChAMP), to offer more appointments working collaboratively as part of an Extended Access Hub. The appointments are run from the different local surgeries and are for urgent and routine ailments, but not ailments for which you are already being treated. You will book the Hub appointments through your normal surgery i.e. you may be offered an appointment at one of the Hubs at a neighbouring GP practice locally. The team will have access to your medical records with your consent, and any care they provide will be added to your notes so your own GP practice can continue any ongoing care.

We are always looking to recruit more members into our Patient Participation Group. It is important for us to reflect a diverse representation. This enables us to see how we are doing from a patient point of view and what we can improve upon. We urge you to think about representation (we would love to have representation from any young parents/carers) and make contact with us if you would be interested. Please email claire.mccann1@nhs.net for further information.

Finally, we have taken on more staff to accommodate the growing local population therefore if you are interested in registering with us; we are still taking new patients. Thank you.



5th February

BASh Choir- Beer And Shanties Choir- to Sing for 'CALM'

Local choir director Rosa Malone will be leading a unique six-week singing project in preparation for a performance at the end of March in support of 'CALM' Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM is leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK the and cause of eighteen deaths a day.

Rosa, who was raised in Petersfield and studied at Trinity College of Music, has been directing choirs, in Greece, including the Lefkas Shanty Men, for six years. She specialises in making choral singing fun, inspirational and open to all people, regardless of their experience. In addition to regular choir practices, Rosa runs singing retreats in the Greek Islands, holds online singing tutorials and regular workshops.

Rosa is putting together the BASh Choir- Beer And Shanties Choir- for blokes. The aim is to get guys together once a week for a couple of drinks and a few hearty songs. All of the music can be learned by ear, meaning that the group will be open to anyone, regardless of experience.

She said, "I love sea shanties. It’s very evocative music but the songs are also so accessible and easy to pick up. There is such a rich maritime tradition in the area, with so many people having links to the Navy or sailing, that it seemed like the perfect place to set up a one-off sea shanty choir. I hope that as a unique, short-term project without long-term commitment, this will be something a little bit different that guys could do with their mates, brothers or dads and it's all for an excellent cause. It'll be a great way to meet lots of like minded people, sharing the community experience, whilst improving your voice with a pint in hand!”

The six-week course will be held at Portchester Yacht Club, every Thursday, 7:30-9pm. Rosa will also be running a free taster session for people to come and see what it’s all about on 20/2/20. The fee for the whole project will be £40.

Information for booking and further details can be found at www.vocallibre.com and @VocalLibre on Facebook and Instagram







9th January


Emsworth Library, One of Ten in Hampshire Earmarked for Closure


Up to 10 libraries have been earmarked for closure in Hampshire as part of plans to save £1.76m, the county council has said.  The news comes as the authority tries to cut £80m from its budget by 2021.  The proposals also include cutting the opening hours of its remaining 38 libraries by an average of 15%.  A council report said the impact on staff would depend on the number of closures but fewer closures would result in more job losses.

The libraries earmarked for closure are:

§  Blackfield and Lyndhurst in the New Forest

§  Chineham and South Ham in Basingstoke

§  Elson and Lee-on-the-Solent in Gosport

§  Emsworth in Havant

§  Fair Oak in Eastleigh

§  Horndean in East Hampshire

§  Odiham in Hart

A second option is also being considered involving an average 25% reduction in staff hours across all 48 council-run libraries, meaning every library would remain open but for fewer hours.  But, the report warned this would involve the greatest number of staff cuts, with 46 full-time roles disappearing, because fewer closures meant building-related savings would not be made.

In addition to the closures, the authority has announced plans to withdraw support for four community-managed libraries, which cost £49,000 a year to run.

Hampshire County Council said if communities running the libraries at Kingsclere, Lowford, Milford-on-Sea and North Baddesley did not wish to adopt a "new delivery model" they would close.

Recreation councillor Sean Woodward said: "We've seen in the last 10 years something like two million fewer books being issued per year so it's a huge change but we want to make sure that the libraries which are open are thriving, well run, well attended and well used by our residents."

Keith House, the leader of the opposition Liberal Democrat group, said: "I'm really disappointed. Hampshire have had years to work out how to fund their library service and now they are threatening to close a quarter of Hampshire's libraries, which is really not good enough."

About 400 people currently work for Hampshire's library service.

A consultation on the proposals will continue until Wednesday 18th March.

  A detailed information pack can be found HERE and a printable response form HERE.

BBC News 9th January


8th January


Emsworth Man to Wing Walk to Support Rowans Hospice


Nicky Parker was just 57 when he died of cancer now his brother Steve Parker a 61 year old Emsworth resident  is to wing walk on Friday 26th June to raise funds for the Rowans Hospice where Nicky spent his final days being cared for so lovingly by their dedicated team.


Losing anyone in this world is a extremely emotional experience but knowing that he passed away in such peaceful surroundings that Rowans Hospice provided, brought comfort in an otherwise painful moment.  


Rowans is an important part of our community and Steve wants to give something back to them as a small way of saying thank you.  It costs £6.5 million pounds each year to provide the excellent care for thehospice's patients. 86.5% of that total is raised by people like you and me in our local community.  So at 61 years old Steve will stand on top of a 1942 WWII Stearman biplane, 700 ft in the air reaching speeds of 130mph in memory of Nicky.


Did You Know …?







6th January


Villagers in Westbourne, near Emsworth, brought a record 315 Christmas trees to their annual tree recycling event yesterday [Sunday 5 January].


At the free event, held by local environmental group Greening Westbourne, trees are turned into chippings which are then used as mulch and compost.  Last year’s event, itself a record, saw 203 trees recycled.

John Millard, a spokesperson for the group, said: “It was amazing to have so many people support what has become an annual village occasion. With mulled wine and nibbles, it’s a great way to end the festive season. It was brilliant to see so many people carrying or dragging their trees down to the village square, avoiding car use and making the event even greener.

“Big thanks to our chipping team, Wade Fazackarley and Alfie Reed of Michael Reed and Co tree services, who worked for free.”


The chippings will be used as mulch and compost at Hampshire Farm Meadows nearby, where Greening Westbourne have created a community orchard. The group works to preserve local wildlife, campaign on climate change and encourage sustainable living.


Its next event will be a free talk by Sarah Hughes, Chichester District Council community wildlife officer, at 7pm on 19 February at the Meeting Place, North Street, Westbourne. She will be talking about plans to protect the local ‘wildlife corridor’‑ a strip of valuable habitat that includes much of the village.






26th December


A Very Welcome Christmas Present for Emsworth Residents!


In the last days of 2019 it has been announced that Emsworth Residents' Campaign to keep the Victoria Cottage Hospital Site as the Doctors' surgery came to fruition when NHS South Eastern Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) announced  that construction work to convert the old hospital to the Emsworth Doctors' new surgery can begin from as early as the end of next month.

To the great disappointment of local residents Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital in North Street Emsworth, original built and opened by public subscription in 1898  was closed by the NHS in April 2012.  When, in 2018, it was announced that the site was surplus to requirements by  NHS Property Services and was to be sold residents groups came together in their united opposition to the decision.


The then newly-founded Emsworth Community Land Trust (ECLT), hoped to make a bid to repurpose the landmark building, a registered asset of community value, which  could help turn the closed hospital into a facility beneficial to the community. Dwynwen Stepien, the chairwoman ECLT) established the Emsworth United campaign, calling on residents and NHSPS to work together to find a future for the building which will benefit the community calling a public meeting at Emsworth Baptist Church on August 22nd last year.


At that meeting there was unanimous support for the building to be retained for community use and that it would provide an excellent location for a new Emsworth  Surgery with greatly improved facilities and services. The Community representatives agreed to work with the CCG on public engagement and consultation.

The current location of the the Emsworth Surgery at 6 North Street is cramped and given the practice's number of registered patients is inadequate and unfit for purpose. A survey conducted by the Emsworth Forum in 2015 showed that 79% of the respondents favoured the construction of a Surgery & Community Health Space to replace while the doctors at the surgery  have been considering relocating for nearly two decades. 

Local MP, Alan Mak, gave his full support to the campaign and made a number of key interventions securing NHS attendance at future meetings for the community and all stakeholders and by obtaining a withdrawal from sale notice from NHS Property Services.

After the NHS and local doctors came to an  agreement that there was potential for the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital to be the site of the town’s new surgery a further public meeting was held to consult on a range of future options the outcome of which was in favour of converting the hospital building in its entirety to a new surgery.


There followed the presentation of a  Business Case by the surgery  to NHS England (NHSE) and this recommending that the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital be refurbished and becomes the new home for the GPs. The Westbourne branch surgery would be retained.  A full specification of the required work required, obtaining tendered costs from contractors, successfully acquiring full planning permission (Planning application APP/19/00414)  and the appointment of architects followed. The final months of 2019 were occupied by negotiations over and agreement to funding which were concluded in December.



Emsworth Online Boxing Day 2019

Lion King and Frozen songs hit the right note at Emsworth's first children's carol concert

IN A bid to get into the festive spirit, families flocked to a church for its first ever Children’s Christmas Concert.

The Emsworth Concert Band played a mix of Christmas classics, sing-along carols and Disney movie tunes to keep toddlers and parents entertained at St James’ Church in Emsworth on Saturday.

Family-friendly concert staged by the Emsworth Concert Band, St James Church, Emsworth.Trumpet player Rich Taylor organised the event.

He told The News: ‘We had two sell-out concerts last week but they are later in the evening and quite long for little ones to sit through so we wanted to do something for the youngsters to come along to.

 ‘It is so important for kids to listen to live music and so we have got some Disney ones in there like Frozen and The Lion King to keep them entertained. We are just pleased people have turned up as this is the first time we have ever done an afternoon concert so that is really great.’

Among the crowds was Alice Gleadell from Portsmouth who came along with her daughter Iris, one.

Alice said: ‘We like going along to the live music at the Guildhall and we do take her sometimes but we thought this would be good to come along to because you never know how little ones are going to behave.

‘We heard about it as my friend is playing in the band and I work around here so we thought we would come along.’

Musical director Andy Hall, who works in the Royal Marines School of Music, has been leading the band since February.

He said: ‘Getting youngsters to listen to live music is so important and for me it really marks Christmas time.


‘This is the first time the band has done a concert specifically for families and it is really exciting.’







The News Sunday 22nd December 2019



18th December


Coalie Crawlers Raise £2866 for The Fire Fighters Charity


On Saturday 21 September 2019, for the second year running, the Coalie Crawlers took part in a 7.5km open water swim from Hayling Island Lifeboat Station down the estuary into Emsworth slipway next to Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club in aid of The Fire Fighters charity.  It is the second year for this swim and organised and coordinated by Peter McIntyre, landlord of the Coal Exchange, and Mike Reed, however, the 13 swimmers could not have done this challenge without the safety boats and kayakers all of whom gave up their time voluntarily. 


On the day it was warm and sunny, however, the strong wind made for challenging conditions both for swimmers and kayakers who had to navigate and battle through chop and waves. The Coalie Crawlers were not to be deterred though and dug deep to the end where they were greeted by a huge crowd of supporters, including Emsworth fire fighters, local residents and visitors.  Peters’ wife, Dawn, presented each swimmer with a well-deserved medal and the fundraising continued throughout the afternoon and evening at the Coal Exchange with a BBQ, live music by local band Red Sky and raffle. 


Peter said: “Fire fighters and local people swam for this local cause. There was a real community involvement with everything; the food was donated by Bookers, music by local band Red Sky and prizes were donated by local businesses”.


The whole event raised a whopping £2866.00 and a cheque was presented to Kerry James, regional fundraiser, on behalf of the Fire Fighters charity, on Friday 13th December 2019.  She stated: “A huge thank you to everyone involved in making the second year of the charity such a success. The money raised will make such a difference to those in the fire community that need our help with mental, physical or social being needs”.


This charity swim proved once again a big success and the next one will be early September 2020.




17th December


Royal Artillery Equestrian Centre thorney island WIN PRESIGIOUS AWARD


Hard work, dedication, helping others and wonderful horses have earned the Royal Artillery Equestrian Centre a prestigious award at the Horse & Hound Awards.


Volunteer General Manager Major (Retired) Sue Wilkinson was presented with the Riding Club of the Year (2019) at the Awards ceremony which was held at Cheltenham Racecourse earlier this month.


The Centre, a non-profit charity, located on Thorney Island military barracks provides accessible opportunities for physical and mental wellness for serving personnel, veterans and local community, in an inclusive and empowering environment.


Sue said “We are extremely humbled to have received this award and it is fantastic that the benefits of being around horses has been recognised. But we wouldn’t have won the award without the incredible team and volunteers we have here and the horses who give so much to everyone they meet”.


“Here at the Royal Artillery Equestrian Centre we focus on initiating and further advancing confidence, empowerment and self-awareness to support those who experience anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. The therapeutic benefits of spending time with horses has been proved over and over again and we are so lucky that we can welcome everyone to come along and see for themselves what being among horses can do for both general wellbeing and mental health”.


The Royal Artillery Equestrian Centre is open all year round for lessons, therapy sessions and much more. 







6th December


This elegant wader has become a local celebrity

Nore Barn, Emsworth, Hampshire: Few spotted redshanks overwinter in Britain, so this bird has attracted a lot of attention

As soon as we caught sight of a camouflage-jacketed photographer crouched down on the foreshore, we knew we were in luck. Sure enough, his telephoto lens was firmly focused on Nore Barn’s famed spotted redshank (Tringa erythropus) as it plucked tiny crabs from the seaweed-fringed banks of the tidal stream.

This elegant wader has been overwintering in Emsworth since 2004 and has become something of a local celebrity, regularly appearing on YouTube and featuring in birding blogs. It’s impossible to be certain that it’s the same individual returning year on year – it’s not ringed – but its confiding behaviour and the timing of its annual arrival and departure have me convinced.

The average life expectancy of T erythropus is suggested to be 7-10 years; however British Trust for Ornithology longevity records show related species living to 16 (greenshank) and 20 (common redshank), so it’s reasonable to conclude that a spotshank could have a similar lifespan.

Predominantly passage migrants, overwintering spotted redshanks are relatively scarce in Britain, with more than half the population – estimated to be around 100 birds – found at fewer than 10 sites.

During the summer months they sport smoky-black plumage, their wings speckled with white spots, but at this time of year they have mottled grey backs with paler underparts, making them difficult to distinguish from the more prolific common redshank (T totanus).

With the two species feeding side by side, I could see that the spotshank’s bill and luminous orangey-red legs were longer than those of its companion. There are subtle differences in bill shape and colouration too: the redshank’s is straight and orange with a black tip, as though it has been dipped in ink, while the spotshank’s has a slightly down-curved tip and is predominantly black, with orange restricted to the base of the lower mandible.

While the redshank kept a low profile, its form melding into the mud as it probed for molluscs and bristle worms, the spotshank waded into the stream, water lapping at its flanks as it rapidly swept its bill from side to side in a scything motion. Unfazed by the growing crowd of onlookers, the bird approached within a couple of yards, upending in front of us with a duck-esque flourish.

The Guardian 6th Dec 2019






7th October


36 on the Quay listed in Michelin Guide


Emsworth's 36 on the Quay has been included in the list of the 23 Michelin guide-recommended Hampshire restaurants for 2019.


The word 'unique' is often misused, but not here. Owners Gary and Martyna Pearce focus on giving diners an experience that is better and different every time; the antithesis of the big brand restaurant chains. Chef Gary and Martyna, who leads front of house head a team which they refer to as 'family', and the spirit of kinship shows up in every detail at the restaurant. 


The Michelin list accolade comes at a time when the team is planning further improvements to the business, which attracts guests from all over the world.


"I've worked here for about 9 years," says Gary, 'and we took the business over from its previous owners in the last two years.  We are passionate about making people's time with us a wonderful experience and we dedicate ourselves to improving every single day."


The restaurant, which has four rooms and is located on the picturesque Emsworth waterside, is currently working on an improved website and signage, and on getting the word out to people who want to be surprised and delighted by something new when they lunch or dine out.


01243 375592 for bookings at 36 on the Quay, http://www.36onthequay.co.uk/ link to site.



4th October


Plans unveiled for coast path stretch in Hampshire and West Sussex New proposals to improve public access to the coast path in Hampshire and West Sussex

Plans to improve public access to the coast as part of the England Coast Path was unveiled  (3rd October) by Natural England. The proposals cover a 48.5-mile stretch of coast between South Hayling in Hampshire and East Head in West Sussex.

Natural England aims to improve and link up existing access routes, to create a continuous signposted walking route around the estuary system of Chichester Harbour for the first time. This route completes the proposed England Coast Path route around Hayling Island, building upon the plans put forward for the west side of the Island as part of the Portsmouth to South Hayling stretch.

Chichester Harbour is a rich haven for wildlife, particularly for the common seal and a wide variety of bird species. The path provides walkers with great views of coastal wildlife, habitats and maritime pursuits, passing through remote and tranquil areas, in addition to some historic urban and rural communities.

The proposed route also invites walkers to use a ferry crossing between Bosham and Itchenor which provides a unique perspective of Chichester Harbour.

There is now a period of eight weeks for the public to have their say on the England Coast Path proposals. If approved, this route will become part of the England Coast Path – the 2,700 mile long distance walking route and England’s newest National Trail currently being developed around the entire English coast by Natural England.

Launching the plans, Andrew Smith, Natural England’s Area Manager for Hampshire, yesterday said:

We have had discussions with many landowners and key organisations along the proposed South Hayling to East Head route. Their input has been essential and helped shape the proposals, and we thank everyone for their time and input so far.

This special route promises to offer walkers a rich experience taking in coastal views, wildlife, and a patchwork of historic and rural landscapes. Over the next eight weeks, we are inviting all organisations, farmers, local residents, visitors and businesses to have their say. It’s important that all responses are taken into account and we look forward to hearing people’s views.

The plans include improvements to access, particularly along the Solent Way west of Emsworth. In this location Natural England has worked with local user groups and has set out proposals to improve the current bridge and walkway. This means that a route previously inundated by high tides could in future be available for use at all times.

This is the fifth stretch of the England Coast Path to be developed in Hampshire and third stretch of the England Coast Path to be developed in West Sussex.

Anyone can have their say about the report during the eight week period. Owners and occupiers of affected land can make objections about the report on specified grounds, which will be considered by a Planning Inspector before the Secretary of State makes a final decision.

All representations and objections must be received by Natural England no later than midnight on Thursday 28th of November. Copies of the reports can be viewed in local libraries. The full reports and all the forms and guidance on how to make a representation or objection within the next eight weeks are also available on the GOV.UK website

England Coast Path Stretch: South Hayling to East Head Overview of Natural England’s statutory reports to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Download the report HERE


Wiredgov 3rd October 2019




19th September


Scottish & Southern Energy Networks (SSEN) Cable Replacement in Emsworth




11th September

Dolphin Quay development – the developers have asked to be excused the contribution to the Affordable Housing Fund.

There were many objections to the change of use from a boat repair site that had employment opportunities and was in character with the local area including handling the occasional floods.  HBC and some councillors managed to convince the planning committee that a marine industry on the site was unviable, which was not true but HBC also cited the luxury houses proposed would add a big contribution to the Affordable Housing fund and this sum was agreed in the section 106 process and was an advantage to the wider community.

The developer is now claiming that the ground was worse than expected and the property market is soft and so because they made these mistakes then they need not pay into the Affordable Housing fund and the sum is just over £300k. They also claim the impact of Brexit and yet they did not start work until after March 2019 when the UK had already passed the first Brexit leave date and therefore had plenty of opportunity to mitigate their losses rather than expect HBC to forgo the fund contribution.

It will be a travesty if Emsworth has not only lost a viable work place, views of the mill from the surrounding walks but also loses the Affordable Housing fund money and will have over large multi-million pound houses which will be a blot on the landscape built by a developer who now claims to have got their sums wrong but proceeded with the build knowing their sums were wrong. My deep belief is that the community has been ‘played’ with this development both in the original change of use arguments, then the amelioration of the damage to the site with the contribution to the Affordable Housing fund and now we have the possibility of not even getting that.

You can object on the Havant planning web site and the application number is APP/19/00826.


Mike Oliver 11th September 2019





6th August


Please join Brook Meadow

Brook Meadow is a six acre  Local Nature  Reserve right  in the  middle  of  Emsworth.  The  main en­ trance  is from  Palmers  Road  car  park  off North Street.

 The site has over 300 species of trees and plants, including wild orchids.  Rare sedges have led to the Meadow being designated a Site of Importance  for Nature  Conservation. Birds, butterflies and insects abound.  The  River Ems, which flows through  the Meadow, contains several species of fish. The river has been a home for water  voles and may be again.

Brook Meadow Conservation Group manages the site on  behalf of the  owners,  Havant Borough Council, and carries  out conservation work.

The Brook Meadow Conservation Group was formed  by local residents  in 2000 to  protect  and conserve  the  natural  environment of Brook  Meadow and its wildlife for the  benefit and quiet enjoyment of the general  public and their dogs.  A cheerful  band of  volunteers   meet  on  the  first Sunday and third Thursday  each month from  10.00 - 12.00 to carry out  maintenance and conservation work.  This  includes  mowing grass  paths,  clearing rank vegetation,  picking up litter,  keeping the  River Ems clear  of  obstructions,  servicing  gravel  paths and caring for trees,  hedges and plants. Coffee, tea and  biscuits are enjoyed  at half time and tools and gloves are  provided. Our  leaders are trained  in  risk assessment,  first aid  and  leadership  skills. Regular surveys are carried  out on the water  voles, butter­ flies, other  insects, birds, bats and plants.

Brook Meadow needs financial help. Please support the Conservation Group  by becoming a member.   The  cost   of  running  the   site   is  over £3000   each  year.  The  Volunteers   devote   more than 500 man hours  which is a fine example of community  effort.  The  subscription  of  £3  is kept low so that everyone  who enjoys this lovely amenity can afford  to  play their  part.  Additional  donations are gladly received and the  meadow  has benefited    from     bequests  in benefactors'  wills.

'Conservation  & Wildlife News' is available online and members  receive a quarterly  newsletter.  Newsletters  are  distributed  to  those  not  on  the  internet. Please fill  in  the  membership  application  overleaf and  help to  protect   Brook  Meadow  as  a tranquil haven for wildlife and the public alike.

Volunteers of all ages and physical abilities are welcome.  There   is a  job to  suit  everyone.  Training  is given to operate the  power  scythe and brush cutter. The Group  has public liability insurance  and a safety and risk assessment  talk precedes  each work session.



17th July

Climate Change Petition Call

The Town and Country Planning Association recently highlighted the importance of local councils in galvanising cross-community action to coordinate the response to climate change in their areas.

Almost 100 local authorities from Bristol to Brighton, Chichester, Portsmouth, Winchester and Hampshire County Council have either declared climate emergencies or are debating whether to do so.

The reasons are plain enough because councils control or influence planning and development, transport, waste disposal, public land, health and the environment.

Towns such as Gosport and Fareham, parts of Portsmouth and Havant have more than 50 kilometres of low-level coastline and are in the front line of climate change. They also face finding space for tens of thousands of new homes, many in flood plains.

It is not a simply the challenge of future-proofing new development against flooding, but protecting our life support systems, clean air and water, recycling waste and leaving enough space to co-exist with other living things.

Some argue Britain is ahead when it comes to managing climate change so we should leave it up to other countries to catch-up.

We are the first country to deliver a Climate Change Act in 2008 but also the first to have an industrial revolution – the consequences are still working through global weather systems 200 years later.

Friends of the Earth is one of many groups working to petition for a formal declaration from Havant and other councils to recognise the urgency of taking actions to mitigate the impact of climate change on areas over which they have control or influence.

Measures include committing to a net zero emissions by specific date, setting up a working group of councillors, businesses and citizens to produce an action plan with scrutiny and key indicators to track progress.

Evolution or business as usual is too slow to deal with the worst effects of a warming planet.

Sign the petition to Havant Council at http://tinyurl.com/havclimate-petition

Ray Cobbett, from Havant Friends of the Earth




28th June

Thorney Island Primary children help launch new Daily Mile track


Every morning the sounds of 200 happy and active children bounce off the walls of Thorney Island Community Primary School.

For 15 minutes outside of lesson time, each pupil takes part in the Daily Mile, a growing initiative being enjoyed nationwide and at over 50 West Sussex schools.

Beaming children (and some teachers) run, jog and walk at least a mile in their class groups with a big emphasis on fun. Now they can do so on a brand new Daily Mile running track, which officially opened on Wednesday, 26 July 2019.

Head Dean Clegg explained: “We introduced the Daily Mile for lots of reasons, we want our children to be more physically active and we really want to improve their mental wellbeing. It has also been proven to improve concentration in class.

“We have over 200 children and they all do it every single day. We’ve been enjoying it for quite a while but the track was installed over the Easter holidays and now it means we’ll be able to do it all-year-round.”

Schools don’t need a dedicated track to take part and already many of West Sussex’s schools are enjoying the benefits of the Daily Mile.

An active school already, Thorney Island is also benefiting from a brand new climbing wall, installed last month, which is proving just as popular with their adventurous pupils.

The school has close links with the island’s army barracks, and Major Chaz May, Chief of Staff, was on hand to cut the ribbon. His two children Poppy, eight, and George, seven, go to the school and love taking part.

Major May said: “It’s an absolutely wonderful school and it’s superb that this facility has been put in for the Daily Mile.

George said: “I can normally do ten or 11 laps. I love that you can go as fast as you like.”

Poppy added: “I’ve been on the track lots of times. I like doing it with all my friends.”

Head of Year 2 Daryl Vokes joins in the active fun. He said: “I absolutely love it, it gets you fit and healthy and I have noticed a difference. After doing it the children can focus on their work and they really love it.”

The new blue Daily Mile track cost £20,000, with £8,000 coming from a Department for Education grant and £1,000 from a PE & Sports grant.

Amanda Jupp, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, said: “It’s fantastic to see a school with such an emphasis on making sport so much fun.

"We now have over 50 of our schools doing the Daily Mile every day so thousands of schoolchildren are reaping the rewards and of course you don’t need a dedicated track to take part.”


More information on The Daily Mile and how to sign up: www.thedailymile.co.uk


West Sussex County Council Press Office 28th June 2019



19th June

Residents toast completed community orchard

Local people have celebrated the planting of a community orchard with a picnic among the trees.

Work on the orchard, at Hampshire Farm Meadows, between Emsworth and Westbourne, started almost four years ago. Planting is now finished, with 66 heritage fruit trees growing on the site, many sponsored by nearby residents and dedicated to loved ones.

The orchard was created by local environmental group Greening Westbourne as a way of preserving heritage varieties and helping local people, especially children, get closer to nature.

As residents celebrated with cider and apple juice, the Mayor of Havant, Cllr Diana Patrick, formally declared the orchard complete.

She said: “Let’s raise a toast to this wonderful community orchard, all those who have been kind enough to adopt or sponsor trees, and Greening Westbourne, for creating it in the first place.”

Colin Carré, chair of Greening Westbourne’s community orchard group and the originator of the project, said: “We’ve managed to plant all the trees we planned to plant, and the orchard’s finished. When we started in November 2015 it was hard to imagine that we would have such a resource as we have now. With all the wild flowers around, it’s looking fantastic.”

One of the trees is dedicated to astronaut Tim Peake, from Westbourne.

Havant Borough Council, Westbourne Parish Council, Postcode Publications and the Tree Council have all supported the project. Westbourne's Beavers, Cubs and Scouts helped plant trees, and local tree surgeon Mike Reed has lent his expertise.

Regular maintenance, including grass cutting, pruning, weeding and watering, takes place on the first Saturday of every month from 10am to 12pm.




18th June

Roll Up! Roll Up! to The Spring's free summer spectacular!


The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre’s free, family summer spectacular is back and is heading to Emsworth on Sunday 23 June.

Featuring live performances, workshops and music, Roll Up Roll Up! is a circus-themed festival that is suitable for the whole family.

Highlights of the summer spectacular include performances by The Band at the End of the World, an anarchic brass band musical clown show and Pif Paf’s famous traveling machines, The Submercycle and The Flycycle. Travelling Light Circus will also be bringing their magical Pendulum Wave Machine, which captivates all who watch its mechanical movements.

Roll Up Roll Up! is a wonderfully whimsical, circus extravaganza with a twist. It is not your traditional trip to the big top but will be steampunk-inspired and full of mesmerising mechanical experiences that many people won’t have seen before. It will truly delight audiences of all ages!

The Band at the End of the World 12pm and 3:30pm

Once they were ordinary citizens, happy and content with their lot. Until they started to notice the signs...
Arriving in a cloud of music and smoke, these idiots are convinced the end of the world is upon us. Maybe today, maybe right here, right now. Welcome to the band at the end of the world!

The Flycycle & Submercycle  11:15am, 1pm and 2:45pm

Come away with us on a journey of your wildest dreams, aboard our famous travelling machine.

Choose a travelling companion, find the Departure Lounge and we'll take care of the rest. Fly up up and away, or dive deep under the sea... be prepared for the unexpected and enjoy the ride! Together well weave unforgettable stories. 

But wait, that's not all!  Throughout the day you can:

- Watch the steel balls of the Travelling Light Circus' Pendulum Wave Machine swing in and out of a mesmerising sinuous harmony.
- Test yourself with the mind-bending Playground of Illusions 
- Get crafty and plays games to your heart's content
- Enjoy locally sourced food and drinks
- Relax in our deckchairs

Emsworth Recreation Ground has limited parking available so families are encouraged to use public transport or travel by bicycle or foot where possible.




Emergency High Voltage Cable Repair causes Long delays on the A259 in Emsworth.

temporary traffic lights at the site of a Hydraulic failure of a 330 volt underground cable at the junction of Warblington Rd and Havant Rd in Emsworth  is causing long delays on the A259 with queues stretching back to Southbourne for westbound traffic and close to the Warblington roundabout east bound.

The initial failure caused oil from the cable to leak into the town Mill Pond.  The leak has been stopped and contained by a temporary boom while work continues to rectify the problem.

Work has continued since 1am this morning and is likely to continue for several days before the cable is fully repaired.










13th June

Local MP Alan Mak encourages residents to attend  fourth Information Fair 

Local MP Alan Mak has encouraged residents to attend his fourth Community Groups and Older Persons Information Fair which is returning next month to central Havant.

 The popular event regularly attracts more than 1,000 visitors and will once again be held at the Meridian Centre in Havant on Thursday 4 July from 10am to 2pm.

 This year it is expected to feature around 40 exhibitors – those confirmed as attending include Age UK, Hampshire Constabulary, Diabetes UK, Hampshire County Council, Citizens Advice Havant, Barclays, Hayling Island Choir, SGN, Action on Hearing Loss and the Havant Borough Council Get up and Go Team. Stalls will be located both on the ground floor and upstairs inside the Beacon Centre.

 Alan said: “After the success of my third Community Groups and Older Persons Fair at the Meridian Centre I decided to bring it back once again to this central Havant location. It should be a great day showcasing the very best of what is on offer for residents in the community while also signposting essential services.

 “So whether you are interested in joining a club or would like to find out more about what support is available in the community, I encourage you to come along.”

 As with previous years there will still be a focus on providing advice for senior citizens. Older people, carers, family, neighbours and friends will be able to speak to a range of specialist organisations, businesses, government agencies and community groups that serve or help older people.

 Residents can ask questions about health, wellbeing or benefits in addition to finding out about activities.

 Alan added: “I fully appreciate the hard work and contribution to society made by our older residents, with many of them now running groups for the benefit of the whole community.

 “These help address loneliness, combat illness and improve wellbeing, all of which helps older people live independently for longer, something I am very keen to promote as local MP.”

 There will be a chance for residents to become a Dementia Friend, with a session being run by Dementia Friendly Havant at 11am inside the Beacon. Becoming a Dementia Friend helps people to understand what it is like to live with dementia, and encourages them to consider ways in which they might be able to be more supportive and inclusive.

 Duncan Cameron from Right at Home and part of Dementia Friendly Havant said: “I am delighted that Alan is once again supporting Dementia Friendly Havant at his Community Groups and Older Persons Fair. We have the aim to make Havant a Dementia Friendly Town, so if you are interested in supporting our initiative or becoming a Dementia Friend please come on the day.”

 There is still space for exhibitors, if you are interested in exhibiting, email alan.mak.mp@parliament.uk


10th June

Wildlife in Chichester’s internationally important habitats under threat, campaigners fear

The Chichester area is home to internationally important habitats, and some of the UK and Europe’s rarest protected wildlife, but residents fear their future is under threat.

We have all 18 species of bats found in the UK, including rarities like the horseshoe bat, as well as water voles, greater crested newts and even otters.

Bats have been recorded flying at night in the Chichester area

Bats have been recorded flying at night in the Chichester area

Read more: Don’t Destroy Chichester Harbour: Wildlife policies ‘need to be significantly stronger’

As campaign groups, individual residents and the protectors of Chichester Harbour fight for appropriate wildlife corridors in the Chichester Harbour Local Plan, wildlife film-maker Sarah Cunliffe has put together a recording to demonstrate the variety of life in the area.

Sarah said: “As the Chichester area from the City to Southbourne faces a further 7,200 houses being built, at no other time in our local history have our wildlife and wild places been under such threat.

“Critical wildlife corridors, which connect the harbour to the South Downs National Park, are now at serious risk.”

Water voles live in the banks of rivers and wetlands, or in small nests in fens and reedbeds

Water voles live in the banks of rivers and wetlands, or in small nests in fens and reedbeds

There are currently four strategic wildlife corridors proposed along the A259, between Emsworth and Chichester.

Campaigners say an area at Nutbourne Marshes, one fifth of the corridors previously suggested, has been dropped, for no apparent reason, and the rest of these vital corridors are under threat if they are not formally adopted as part of the council’s Local Plan in the autumn.

Richard Craven, Chichester Harbour Conservancy director and harbour master, said: “Nature and biodiversity are being squeezed at every turn in the UK - 56 per cent of all UK species declined between 1970 and 2013 and 13 per cent were threatened with extinction.

“Habitat fragmentation is a significant part of the problem and every opportunity should be taken to strengthen and enhance the habitats linking Chichester Harbour AONB and the South Downs National Park.”

The adonis blue is a butterfly found in chalk downland, in warm sheltered spots, flying low over vegetation

The adonis blue is a butterfly found in chalk downland, in warm sheltered spots, flying low over vegetation

Wildlife corridors are considered important because of the role creatures and open spaces play in the community. Natural areas protect homes from flooding, insects pollinate crops, healthy ecosystems purify water and nature and open places are generally good for wellbeing.

Henri Brocklebank, director of conservation, policy and evidence at Sussex Wildlife Trust, said: “For nature to thrive we need to start building a network of connected wild spaces across our landscape, extending into every part of our towns, cities and countryside. We need robust wildlife corridors so that species can move freely through the landscape and spread out into new areas, including new housing developments.

“There’s an exciting opportunity here to put the natural environment at the heart of local planning to ensure that new developments are great places to live, for both people and wildlife.”

She said: “Data is power. If you live near a wildlife corridor, your records are critical to help protect them and the timescale is now.”

Andrew Kerry-Bedell, from the new Save Our Harbour Villages campaign group, said, “We are in danger of sleep-walking into environmental disaster from the aggressive activities of housing developers, and from an apparent lack of will from the council to protect our valuable wildlife. We need living landscapes for future generations.“

Cichester Oberver 6th June





31st May

Emsworth British Food Fortnight to take a “Fallow” year

FALLOW - Adjective - (of farmland) ploughed and harrowed but left for a period without being sown in order to restore its fertility or to avoid surplus production.  Oxford Dictionaries

Since its inception in 2014, the Emsworth British Food Fortnight has become a much loved and tremendously successful showcase for both Emsworth itself and both local and regional produce. The event won national recognition when it was winner of the Harvest Heroes Competition in 2014 - organised by Love British Food, in conjunction with The Telegraph, as part of British Food Fortnight.  The competition seeks to acknowledge the people who organise the most imaginative and inclusive celebrations of local food and the harvest. Emsworth came runner up, on the only two other occasions it entered the competition, to the cities of Bath and Peterborough.

The Emsworth British Food Fortnight very specifically focused on three key words each year

Education           Community        Celebration

Using these themes, the Emsworth British Food Fortnight has always looked to encourage a wide range of events, encompassing as many people of all ages and backgrounds as possible to take part and get involved. The range of activities was both varied and inclusive and included as some of its core events – local produce markets, wine tastings, food education in local primary schools, working with a local Technical College’s Catering departments, establishing food banks, an open air Harvest Festival Service, charity lunches on Emsworth’s famous quay, community apple pressing and beer festivals.

Organising any event of this magnitude is always both time consuming and complex and requires of a team of volunteers who are able give their time and knowledge. Sadly this year there were not sufficient volunteers to ensure that the same multi layered event could be considered ,and using that old adage that if you can’t do something well, it’s better not to do it at all, the decision for a fallow year in 2019 was taken.  This will also allow the organisers to take stock and take a step back, and, perhaps most importantly, come back refreshed and with new ideas for the future for this much loved event.

Note – British Food Fortnight is an annual showcase initiated by Love British Food and the dates for this year are 21st September to 6th October. For more details visit - www.lovebritishfood.co.uk



24th May


Ringwood Brewery Crafts Kitesurfing Armada  Exclusive Limited-Edition Beer

The brewing team at Ringwood Brewery welcomed some very special guests when Lewis Crathern (Professional Kitesurfer) and Dan Charlish (Event Organiser) from the Kitesurfing Armada Festival visited the brewery to experience the brewing process and be the first to sample their exclusive beer!.

Ringwood Brewery have joined forces with Lewis and his team to develop a unique limited-issue beer which will be exclusively for sale at the Armada and they were delighted when the beer and the name received the thumbs up! ‘Hangtime IPA’ was named after one of the most satisfying feelings in kitesurfing. ‘Hangtime’ is described as ‘the amount of time spent in the air in good wind’ and the brewery wanted the beer to emulate that same great feeling! Hangtime IPA is a powerfully hopped IPA which was brewed with four different varieties of hop giving a fantastically fruity finish and citrus aroma. It is light golden in colour and with an abv of 4.5%, it is the perfect refreshment after a day kitesurfing in the sun!

The Kitesurfing Armada will be held on the 21 – 23 June on Hayling Island. The Festival has been voted Best UK Kitesurfing Event three years in a row and has raised over £200,000 for charity. Famous names in the world of Kitesurfing have also attended and this year is set to be bigger than ever with live music, a family zone, fun circus skills sessions, BMX displays a food court and funky festival bars featuring the Armada’s very own beer. It’s free to visit the festival but you just need to register online. Do come along for a fabulous day out!





16th May



A dedicated parishioner has been honoured with a special medal for his 42 years of outstanding service. Peter Agius, 66, a parishioner at Ss Thomas' Roman Catholic Church, Emsworth is the recipient of a Diocesan Medal from the Bishop of Portsmouth, the Right Rev. Philip Egan. The award is given to those who have made a significant contribution to parish or diocesan life.

For 22 years Peter was the Roman Catholic representative on Christians Together In Emsworth. He recently stepped down from this role but continues to provide support. Having originally resided with the Worth Abbey Lay Community (now the Lay Community of St Benedict), newly married Peter moved to the parish in 1977.  Peter has been involved in a variety of different activities, all helping to strengthen the community. Peter has run the youth club and been a youth representative on the parish council. He was in charge of 100 teenagers at the Ninian Park Youth Rally for Pope John Paul II’s visit to the United Kingdom in May 1982. He  was also involved in the parish magazine, Mustard Seeds. 

At various times Peter has been a reader, confirmation catechist, and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion  as well as organising the rotas for those ministries.  Following a Parish Talent Night in 2007 he joined the team of Cantors in Emsworth where he sings the Gregorian Chant instilled in him by the Benedictines of Downside and Worth Abbeys.  

Upon receiving his medal, Peter thanked Fr Leslie for the honour and the parish for their support over many years. Thanks were also given to some friends from Christians Together in Emsworth for being at mass on this special occasion, and for his daughter and grandchildren, who had travelled over from Brighton.

Parish Priest, Father Leslie Adams said: 'I'm delighted that Peter's long and faithful service to the community has been recognised. It's thanks to the hard work and commitment of people such as Peter that our churches continue to grow in both faith and number.'







7th May

Resident Expresses Concerns over Bridge Road Parking

I wish to express my concern at the new parking restrictions which seem to have been imposed without notice in the Bridge Road, Emsworth car park. This car park is used by many local residents to alleviate the parking issues in Victoria Road and Bridge Road. We live in Victoria Road and, rather than congest the parking in Victoria Road, my husband and son always park their cars in the Bridge Road car park. The new '24 hour' restriction raises many issues and questions which directly affect residents:

Does every car have to be removed within the 24 hour period? If so, this will adversely affect anyone working from home, anyone who uses another commuting method and leaves their car in the car park during the day and anyone going on holiday and not taking their car. This doesn't include any visitors who come for a weekend and leave their vehicles in the car park.
Is there a 'no-return-within' clause within this parking restriction? This is not made clear on the sign. Does this parking restriction apply 24/7 for 7 days a week? This is not made clear on the sign. How is this restriction going to be enforced? Will vehicles be photographed? If so, how will it be made clear whether a vehicle has moved but then returned to the same parking space?

If vehicles may no longer be left in this car park for more than 24 hours and may not return within a specified period, ALL of the local residents will be forced to leave their vehicles on the road. Clearly this will have a massive knock on effect on availability of local parking, which will most seriously affect parents with young children and older people. My 99 year old neighbour needs to be collected regularly and taken to the doctors, shops etc. - how far away will her drivers need to park? My friend over the road is a single mother with 2 young children - how far will she need to walk in order to safely get her children into the car? Another neighbour has a son with learning disabilities who is collected each day. How easy will it be for the minibus to park safely near his house? The list goes on.

It seems to me that this decision has been taken with no consideration for local residents and no thought as to the impact it will have on nearby roads. It is also extremely unclear as to the exact conditions of this car park. My husband and son have both received parking tickets today, while it is still unclear of the conditions under which this car park is operating. When I attempted to contact the e mail address given on the sign, it bounced back as undeliverable! I do hope this matter can be highlighted in the next issue of the Ems, or further investigations can take place.

Christine Ward 7th May 2019

7th May

Emsworth Town Centre Tree Trail Launched

Emsworth Town Centre Tree Trail, compiled by Emsworth Tree Wardens, is the first of a series of Tree Trails round Emsworth. The Tree Trail boasts at least 25 different trees plus a native hedgerow all within easy walking distance of the town centre. The Trail is published as a booklet with lots of colour photos, drawings and watercolours. It is on sale for only £3 at Bookends, Driftwood Café and Borland and Borland  Estate Agents, Brookfield Hotel, Driftwood café, Awareness, Medicine Garden and other outlets around the town. The proceeds from the sale of this booklet will be used to promote the trees of Emsworth.

 Find out more HERE

6th May 2019



25th April

Consultation on Submission Draft of the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan

The Emsworth Forum hassubmitted the Neighbourhood Plan to the Borough Council. The Borough Council is obliged to run a six week consultation on that plan, before an independent examination of the plan, followed by a referendum in the local area. Comments on the plan are invited by 7 June 2019.  Any person wishing to make a comment on the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan must do so no later than 7 June 2019 by writing to policy.design@havant.gov.uk or Planning Policy, Havant Borough Council, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 2AX. All comments will be passed to the independent examiner to consider.


Some of the highlights of the Submission Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan are:

The Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by the Emsworth Forum, the qualifying body responsible for plan preparation. Contact for further information:

Chair: Stephanie Elsy | stephanie@stephelsy.net

Secretary: Mike Bateman | mikebateman20@gmail.com

The Emsworth Forum, c/o The Community Centre, North Street, Emsworth, PO10 7DD.


Further details and documentation can be found at: www.havant.gov.uk/planning-and-environment/planning-policy/neighbourhood-planning/emsworth-neighbourhood-planning

23rd April

Soldiers, Veterans and Residents mark St George’s Day in Emsworth


Now in its eleventh year Emsworth's celebration of St George's Day has become a favourite in the town's calendar.  Once again a large crowd packed the square and High Street to applaud the men and women of 16 Regiment RA, based on nearby Thorney Island and veterans from various conflicts going back 60 years, including Borneo and Malaya as they marched through the town to parade in the Square accompanied by children from Thorney Island Primary School.

Read the full report HERE


22nd April

The Friends of Nore Barn Woods are looking for members and volunteers

Are you looking for ways to enjoy the open air and help the environment?

Living as you do in the vicinity of the shoreline and the woods, and probably being regular walkers, why not become a FONBW member? Help support us in the work we are doing to preserve, maintain and enhance this very special and much loved coastline for the wildlife, both indigenous and during the annual migration, as well as for your enjoyment too.

Just one morning a month makes a difference!  Volunteers are the key to the work carried out in the woods — and we are actively looking for more to join us on our monthly workdays. We would love you and your family to become volunteers.  Without the workdays, Nore Barn Woods would be overrun by brambles, holly, ivy and nettles and the hedgerows would similarly be affected as would the wildlife because of the deterioration in the diversity of trees, shrubs and plants.

Our workdays are monthly, on the second Saturday of the month, meeting up at the shore end of Warblington Road at 9.30am. We finish about 12 noon.  FONBW is keen to give nature a chance to flourish and the clearance work is carefully managed to allow not only wildlife but also native wild flowers and trees to inhabit the woods unhindered by more invasive plants.

Our workdays are monthly, on the second Saturday of the month, meeting up at the shore end of Warblington Road at 9.30am. We finish about 12 noon. You may well have seen us with our wheelbarrows, forks, rakes and loppers!

This past year has seen much work being carried out improvements to the Wayfarers Walk hedge, clearing back brambles and planting saplings along part of the hedge to the west of the woods and latterly increasing the variety of planting on the south side, including some layering to create better protection of the woods from the seaward side.

 An increase in footfall from walkers has shown FONBW how vital it is to maintain the paths through and around the woods and alerting visitors, via the notice boards, to the importance of not disturbing the wildlife, particularly when the tide is out and the mudflats are alive with birds feeding.

The website gives more information keeping you up to date on FONBW work and containing photographs to illustrate how the woods are being cared for. Membership is £3 per household per annum and details on how to become a Friend of Nore Barn Woods is on the reverse of this introductory leaflet.

Website:     www.norebarnwoods.org.uk

Contact us at: infonorebarnwoods.orq.uk





20th April

Westbourne Christians walk with cross

Christians in Westbourne, near Emsworth, walked through the village on Good Friday with a large wooden cross.

The walk is a traditional annual event organised by St John the Baptist Church, Westbourne.

The rector of the church, the Rev Doye, said: "The walk is a great way for us to remember Jesus's journey to the place where he was crucified, and the sacrifice he made for us. We share the sadness of Good Friday and look forward to the joy and hope of the Resurrection on Easter Day."

Another tradition for the church is a dawn service on Easter Day, celebrating the Resurrection as the sun rises.

John Millard, Westbourne


16th April


The streets of Emsworth Town Centre will once again be alive with cheers of excitement and pride as the community of Emsworth celebrates St George’s Day on Tuesday 23rd April with its annual parade through the town centre, this time welcoming 20 (HQ) (Headquarters) Battery, 16 Regiment Royal Artillery.

The Battery will be accompanied on their march by Veterans from various conflicts going back 60 years, including Borneo and Malaya. Children from Thorney Island and Emsworth Primary School will also accompany the parade with the younger children and local residents lining the streets and waving their flags in support 

Approximately 50 soldiers from 20 (HQ) Battery will form up at The Lord Raglan pub, before making their way along the High Street towards St Peter’s Square. They will parade past the dais, loop round to the right along Spring Gardens and join Kings Terrace before coming back onto and along the High Street where the parade will then halt and be addressed by the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Colton and the Mayor of Havant, Councillor Peter Wade.

The Mayor and Commanding Officer will then step down from the dais to begin the presentation of the Emsworth Roses. The Vicar will address the parade, and this will then be followed by the National Anthem. This year there will also be a re-dedication of the Emsworth war memorial shelter and flag pole.  


 1st April

Westbourne Villagers launch campaign to save wildlife


Villagers in Westbourne, near Emsworth, have launched a campaign to save local wildlife habitats and the endangered creatures living in them. They are calling on residents to look out for wildlife, and then log their sightings online.  This could provide vital evidence that local green spaces should be preserved.  The focus of the campaign is an area of local countryside regarded by naturalists as a “wildlife corridor”, linking the South Downs National Park and the coast. The area includes most of Westbourne.  Chichester District Council is proposing to give the area special recognition, so it can be a haven where animals can move, migrate and thrive.

 Local environmental group Greening Westbourne is hoping its new campaign, called Westbourne Wildlife Watch, will provide evidence to support this move.  Greening Westbourne secretary Martin Yallop said: “Wildlife all over the UK is threatened by development, intensive farming, pollution and climate change.

“We’re trying to do our bit locally to make a difference.  We’re asking people to keep an eye out for animals when they’re out walking or in their gardens. If they spot something, they can use the iRecord website or app to log the sighting.

“It’s quick and easy, and if people struggle to identify what they’ve seen, there’s a lot of help and information in books and online.

“It’s important to report sightings because if there’s evidence that an area is home to important species, it has a better chance of being protected.

“Endangered creatures are the most crucial to report, but people can also log more common ones, as they’re under threat too. It’s a sad fact that many species that used to be common, like starlings and house sparrows, are now declining.”

For more information, residents can search iRecord online, go to www.brc.ac.uk/irecord/ or download the app. More information about the campaign, and how to identify animals, is available by searching Greening Westbourne or going to e-voice.org.uk/greening-westbourne/.


 29th March

WemsFest Emsworth Sun Fest 2019

We’re giving free sunflower seeds to every household in and around Emsworth. This is an enjoyable and colourful project that will help everyone to understand the importance of flowers to birds, bees, and our environment generally.It took a team of 8 people nearly 3 hours to pack 30,000 Sunflower seeds into envelopes ready for distribution  throughout the Emsworth area.

Why ?  Because the new project 'SunFest' has been initiated by the WemsFest arts organisation to add just not  an extra splash of floral colour but more importantly to help support, and understand the fragile infrastructure which birds and bees are so dependent upon.

All the pupils at infant and junior schools in the area are being supplied with a handful of seeds and the  remainder are being distributed to shops, residential areas, and pubs for free collection. There'll be a fun competition at this year's Emsworth Show on Monday 27 August but the message of the moment is for as many people as possible to 'get planting'!

More at:  www.wemsfest.com/news/2019-sunflower-plantnation-project/

Mark Millington-Ringwood

(WemsFest Artistic Director)

26th February

World Prayer Day in Emsworth Friday 1st March

Emsworth Methodist Church will be celebrating World Day of Prayer this Friday 1st March at 2.00pm. World Day of Prayer is an international, inter-church organisation which enables us to hear the thoughts of women from all parts of the world: their hopes, concerns and prayers. The preparation for the day is vast. An international committee is based in New York and there are national committees in each participating country. Regional conferences meet to consider the service and then local groups make their plans.

The Day of Prayer is celebrated in over 120 countries. It begins in Samoa and prayer in native languages travels throughout the world — through Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas before finishing in American Samoa some 38 hours later.


18th Februay


Market Banners Vandalized

Hampshire Farmers Markets are very proud to be able to sell their produce at Emsworth and as such feel we are adding to the success of the Town.

Each month we display banners at Emsworth ensuring that all the local people and any passing motorists see these so they are reminded that the market will be on that weekend.     We do pay a fee to Hampshire Highways to display the banners/boards and these banners are our property, it recently cost us over £300 to replace the banners ensuring that they were off a good quality and were the right image.

For the last two months these banners have been taken down and had the ties cut so they were not visible to the general public.

Hampshire Farmers Markets are no longer prepared to accept this and as such will be seeking advice from the Local Police since this is wanton damage to our property and as such will be seeking compensation of same.

If anyone in Emsworth sees or knows of anyone damaging our signs, Hampshire Farmers Market would be pleased to hear.

 Valerie Nicel Office Manager/Director
Hampshire Farmers' Markets Ltd.
T: 01420 588671
M: 07990845833


6th February

Emsworth Arts Trail Ready for Take Off


The annual Emsworth Arts Trail is set to scale new creative heights this year thanks to a record-breaking number of artists and groups taking part. Venues throughout the town will see a total of 107 participants exhibit during the last weekend in April and first in May.

“The Emsworth Arts Trail has certainly put the town on the map as a destination for art,” said Carol Price, the event’s chairman.   “Now in our 19th year, we have seen visitor numbers grow year on year and art lovers arriving from far and wide.”

So much so, last year’s event saw more than 87,000 visits recorded over the five days at 99 venues – an impressive increase from the 8,000 who went to 26 venues when records began in 2012.

“We like to think of ourselves as a community of artists, with new exhibitors always welcome, so we are delighted to have 26 talented new artists join us,” added Carol. It means there is always something new to surprise and fascinate - from both the new and established participants.”

Since the trail began in 2001, with just a handful of artists exhibiting in their home studios, the event has grown to include many local businesses and community venues. Artists and makers exhibit their work in local shops, halls, pubs, sailing clubs, home studios and pop up galleries; resulting in a creative and colourful voyage of discovery.

With the majority of venues located within a mile of the town centre, visitors often make a family day out of it by walking or cycling along the trail. Plus, with such a wide variety of work on show, there is something to interest everyone from painters, printmakers, photographers, textile artists, wood carvers and ceramicists to jewellers and sculptors. 


To preview the artists taking part, and plan your visit, see emsworthartstrail.org.uk

4th February

McCarthy & Stone Orchard House Emsworth Planning Application Withdrawn After Two year Battle by Residents

Following a two year battle to stop McCarthy & Stone building 25 retirement flats in Western Avenue, Emsworth, the 40 households affected by it have just found out that McCarthy & Stone PLC has withdrawn the planning application, despite it having been granted by Havant Borough Council in January 2018.

This represents a victory by local residents against a large, ruthless property developer who has forced through several developments in the area that in some cases have displaced businesses and put jobs at risk. Our sadness is that this victory comes too late for the other developments where McCarthy & Stone PLC has succeeded in getting planning permission granted despite widespread and significant opposition from both residents and Havant Borough Council.

Several factors have contributed towards this victory:-

1. Co-ordinated and unrelenting opposition by the 40 residents surrounding Orchard House, including threatening legal action.

2. McCarthy & Stone PLC unsuccessfully trying to bully Havant Borough Council in to reducing the Affordable Housing contribution set as a condition of the planning approval. McCarthy & Stone PLC had made a meagre offer of £285,000 against an expected value of the flats of £8.8m which HBC rightly rejected. A developer is expected to make a 30% contribution towards affordable housing.

3. In July 2018, McCarthy & Stone PLC tried to bribe Western Avenue residents into withdrawing their opposition with a £10k offer to each household which was rejected. Our solicitors determined that McCarthy & Stone had made this offer because they could not obtain completion indemnity insurance for the development.

McCarthy & Stone PLC Tactics

Ignore local resident’s concerns – McCarthy & Stone PLC make a mockery of the pre-planning consultation process, ignoring concerns about the size and ugliness of the design, drainage, parking and increased traffic.

Bully Councils into granting planning permission – McCarthy & Stone PLC has successfully bullied Havant Borough Council into granting at least 2 planning application by arguing that the out of date 2011 Local Plan indicated a shortfall of 11,000 houses should apply, despite the fact that this figure has been updated several times since then. The latest figures show that there is no shortfall.

This company has displayed a ruthless approach to the planning process in our area, building dwellings that we do not need. Proof of this is the Limegrove Development on Hayling Island that still has unsold flats 8 months after it was finished.


Graham Simmonds 4th February 2019



27th January

Volunteer Treasurer Wanted & Committee Members Wanted

The Emsworth Residents’ Association is seeking a Volunteer Treasurer. Previous experience of book keeping and the preparation of basic accounts is essential.

The job involves: basic book-keeping, bank reconciliation, producing and sending out invoices, credit control, liaising with Advertisement Manager, producing end of year accounts, producing and presenting financial reports for committee and public meetings.

The treasurer will become a member of the ERA committee and attend monthly meetings which are held on Monday evenings. Applicant should be a confident, highly numerate, well organised person with good administrative skills.

 This is a home based, volunteer position. It is estimated that the post will take up about 10 hours a month.


The Emsworth Residents’ Association (ERA) is also seeking new Committee Members.

Applicants should have a strong interest in the Emsworth area and preferably bring with them experience of IT/web design/social media or youth work. Applications from people with other areas of experience are also welcomed.

Committee members will be required to attend monthly meetings which are held on Monday evenings. Applicants should be confident, articulate, well organised, and have a real commitment to the Emsworth area.

If you are interested in this role contact: Theo Schofield, Chair, ERA Email: theoschofield@icloud.com


23rd January

Emsworth Comunity Association Premises freehold transfered to the Association's new Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Extra Ordinary Meeting at St. James' Church on Mon 21st Jan. We had over 140 people attend and Members voted unanimously for the proposals put forward by the Trustees, which were to: 

1.  Accept the offer from Hampshire County Council to transfer the title to the freehold of the land and premises.

2. Transfer over to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and accept the new constitution.

3. Close down the existing unincorporated charity (269793).

ECA is now working towards a transfer date of 1st April for both the land and buildings and for the charitable status.

The Associationcontinue to have the same name but the charitable number will change to 1181509. Otherwise everything will look and feel the same to both Members and Users of Emsworth Community Centre.

Also at the Extra Ordinary Meeting a new Trustee was voted in, Ian Carroll, who will lead on all things Health and Safety.




23rd January

FREE CUT & STYLE at Headromance


Exciting stuff happening at Headromance in Havant.


‘These uber cute messages in a bottle contain a FREE CUT & STYLE with a Headromance stylist!

In celebration of the newly refurbished and rebranded salon, everyday next week they will be hiding 4 of these in surrounding towns, such as Hayling, Portsmouth, Southsea, Emsworth, Waterlooville.


Keep your eyes peeled on their daily Istagram & Facebook stories for clues


Starts Monday 28th Jan!’

3rd January

Emsworth Company  uses Local Botanicals in their Chichester Harbour Gin

Chichester Harbour Gin is a small batch hand crafted gin company based in Emsworth. Chichester Harbour Gin was founded and set up by two local friends - Paul and Martin. Paul has spent 30 years as a chef, saucier and flavour developer and Martin just wanted to make gin.  Paul and Martin grew up on the shores of Chichester Harbour, sailing, fishing and windsurfing, so are very passionate about the local area and have loved channelling this passion into developing Chichester Harbour Gin!

Chichester Harbour GIn uses local produce, such as bayleaf, seaweed and juniper, providing a unique small batch hand crafted gin which contains 15 botanicals.

It all began with a 2 litre table top still and local juniper berries from a small bush found on the South Downs. With this still many different recipes were tried over 18 months until Paul and Martin settled on the golden 15 botanicals and the distilling process which is used today!

Further information can be found on our website www.chichesterharbourgin.co.uk